Amadis Brugnoni

Amadis Brugnoni (*1987) works both as an audio designer in the studio as well as an audio engineer for touring artists and music theatre. His musical area of activity ranges from jazz/world music, rock/pop to classical music. Together with José Navarro he runs the research project 'IRMAT', which is dedicated to interface design and the performance practice of electronic music.
Amadis Brugnoni acts as a teacher for the Ausbildungsverbund Gestaltung (Swiss federal VET diploma, event engineering) based in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland. Starting form an early age, Amadis Brugnoni has enjoyed a musical education in drums, piano, clarinet and gamelan music. Later on he started exploring electronic music under the guidance of Daniel Weissberg and Tomek Kolczynski at the Music School Basel, Switzerland. 
From 2006 to 2011 he studied Audiodesign at the Academy of Music FHNW in Basel, a course headed by Prof. Volker Böhm.
To complement his musical education, Amadis Brugnoni has studied Arts Management at the University of Basel, Switzerland.