Benjamin Gut

Benjamin Gut, born in Basel in 1988, studied tonmeister with electric bass as a major at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). He plays electric bass, guitar, piano and the saxophone and sang and played in different bands like Leonti, Sarah E. Reid and Kapoolas. He has been part of Idee und Klang as a producer/engineer since 2011 and has executed various pop, jazz and film music projects. He has played the bass on movie soundtracks (Das kleine Gespenst) as well as radio jingles (SRF 3). With his own band - Kapoolas - he has written and produced two albums and has played countless concerts as a singer and bass player. Bands and artists that work with Beni (a.o. Carlo Mombelli, David Howald, Ana Scent, Christian Zehnder, Monoglot) appreciate his expertise in the tonal, technical and musical field.