Christoph Hafner

Christoph Hafner was born in 1993 in South Germany. From an early age his interest for all things technical and musical became apparent. After a valid training as an electronics engineer, he busied himself more and more with creating and editing electronic music. For the time being, Christof is studying Audiovisuelle Medien (B.Eng.) at HDM in Stuttgart with a focus on sound. There he has already been working on film and music productions, orchestra recordings as well as contributing to the audio design of interactive spaces.
Furthermore, he took an active part within the scope of a visualising research project in electrical engineering. As a DJ he has been active at numerous events all over Germany. He has already worked in various areas and got his teeth into complex studio and PA setups as well as all the different audio formats. His focus is particularly on the development of interactive and generative audio environments with multi-channel soundsystems. At present he is completing an intern semester in audio design at Idee und Klang.