Sound excellence to the highest possible standard

Our core competence is the creation of recordings and mixes that meats the highest standards possible and can easely compete with any international top production. Because an independent sonic dress ultimately decides whether a song is only played on the radio or whether the production continues to be enjoyed after years. The sensitive ears of our sound engineers are crucial in this respect - yet, as important, the technology we use is of a quality that could not be better. Our microphone collection, for example, is the largest in the country with many time-honoured rarities. We mix on the historic CADAC G, probably the Rolls Royce among the analogue consoles, on which Queens Bohemian Rhapsody, among others, was recorded in the 70s. But in the end we just love to give the music that extra touch, keeping on screwing until something spectacular is created. This makes an impression and the sound is a pleasure to listen to, as the following statements from three of the world's most famous and successful sound engineers from the USA confirm. 

"I love that recording! I love what you did with the echo! I was deeply impressed by the clarity of the voice, the depth of field, and just the quality of the recording itself very much — amazing stuff!"
Al Schmitt

"Oh, I loved it!!"
George Massenburg

"Idee und Klang engineer Daniel Dettwiler does awesome recording and mixing - with such an incredible array of artists. This stuff sounds wonderful!!  So big and open... he's an incredible, amazingly talented engineer."
Eric Valentine