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  • Joy of sound

    'Music's unspeakable depth, so easy to understand and yet so mysterious, is due to the fact that it recreates all of our being's innermost feelings…'
    Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

    The secret of music could hardly be put in words in a more beautiful manner. When listening to well-played music in concert, the audience gets infected by the magic of the one moment which is without equal. The art of recording tries to capture that magic, doing its utmost to make sure that the music's inherent magic hits home. This is the true art of a tonmeister's task - the aim has been reached when we, while listening to the music, forget that we are sitting between two speakers, and euphony is reaching the depths of our souls. The CD has got to be more than a mere copy of reality, an additional tonal beauty must be added courtesy of the tonmeister or recording engineer. Just as the chef de cuisine is refining a meal by his artistry, or the photographer projecting things beyond natural perception. A tonmeister is an artist, either in the field of record engineering or sound design. He has got an inner idea of the music and sound, and is guided by his inspiration while both his technical skills and his experience provide the basis.

    Is a CD production's euphony right, the music will be listened to more often, for it comes across as being more lively and played with inspiration, bringing great joy - the joy of sound.

    Read more about our philosophy

    Hearing Sound Culture
    Euphony has a far greater bearing on the subjective experience when listening to music through speakers, than is commonly assumed. If it sounds bad, the listener gets the impression of a little-inspired musician lacking vitality. This is why old recordings often sound so touching and emotional: besides great musicians playing inside perfectly matching rooms, great value used to be set upon the excellence of technology. It is our goal to make our recordings sound as rich and moving as an old vinyl record, but with the sophistication of present-day standards as well as all the contemporary technical possibilities.

    Musical quality and excellence of instruments are the prerequisites for a successful production. The recording engineer assists in production in order that the music comes into its own through the speakers, since a recording situation produces an entirely different impact than live music, i.e. music in concert. Matching the music, the recording room is making the music resonate, shaping it by its unique euphony, since an instrument in a room behaves in a similar way to the string in a grand piano, with the resonating body producing the sound ultimately!
    Next, a perfect microphone set-up is crucial. Finding the right positions is an art we have mastered consummately. Additionally, one of the most complete collections of historical and modern microphones in the German-speaking world is on hand. Different from our ears, microphones dont't 'listen' selectively - in order to capture all the qualities and tonal nuances of the music, a number of different microphones are normally utilised. Pivotal emphasis is placed on the quality of the preamplifiers and the A/D converters.

    We must unfortunately mention the fact that people today cut down on this most important aspect. The resulting recording won't ever be able to move you the way it could!

    Sound Art
    After the recording, the single tracks are edited and cut in order to get refined, mixed and mastered in our high-end production centre, or to put it more simply, to create some sound masterpiece by dint of much fervour!

    Fundamentally, an Idee und Klang Studio production impresses with both outstanding liveliness and spaciousness, differing audibly from other productions. People are deeply moved by our music productions, as if they'd be at a concert. This effect is, as described above, only possible by way of an additional beauty dominating the recorded sound: euphony. By comparison with photography once again, an image is pleasing to the eye if both the object and the photographer's artistic accomplishment are fine. The photographer cultivates an additional beauty which is absent in the real world. Therefore, the art of recording produces tangible experiences beyond the live concert, capturing a few moments of magic.

    Find detailed information of our approach to working with sound in the appropriate music menue items.

  • Guarantors to achieve ambitious goals are the diverse people at Idee und Klang Studio. All of them are masters in their field of expertise, and they all are greatly interested in research, too.

    Daniel Dettwiler (Owner, sound- & mastering engineer)   Contact

    studio [at]
    Bookings via Benjamin Gut: +41 76 439 17 95

    Daniel has mastered in sound directing. From miking to mixing to mastering, he continuously performs small and large sound miracles – which has brought him an impressive amount of pleased regular customers. Daniel is not happy until he makes you forget that you are between two speakers and can simply enjoy.

    Daniel Dettwiler was born in 1974 and lives in Basel with his family. He studied Audio-Design at Musikhochschule Basel (Basel University of Music) from 1996 until 2001. 2002 he started his company Idee und Klang Dettwiler which now developed into Idee und Klang Studio. Assembly of the most significant collection of historic microphones in Switzerland. As a tonmeister he specialised in the realisation of acoustic music, especially jazz and film music. He has worked on productions with ECM (Pierre Favre), Herbert Grönemeyer, London Symphony Orchestra, Niki Reiser, Ute Lemper, David Klein, WDR Bigband, Kolsimcha, Nils Wogram, Christian Zehnder, Jasmin Tabatabai. He is one the most popular tonmeister for film music and has executed numerous music productions for cinema, for example "Die Weisse Massai", "Das Blaue vom Himmel", "Die Abenteuer des Huck Finn" – he also often works on film scores as a pianist. Since 2003, lecturer at Musikhochschule Basel (Basel University of Music), jazz department (applied production technique and realisation). In 2005, together with Ramon de Marco he founded Idee und Klang GmbH that specialises on tone installations and acousmatic spatial orchestra. Many projects followed such as audio design and spatial orchestration for the new BMW World in Munich or “Magicbox“, the State Grid Pavilion at the Expo 2010 and the composition of the acoustic layout for DRS3 and DRS2. Furthermore, Daniel Dettwiler worked as an audio designer of concerts for composers including Beat Gysin, Andrea Molino, Thomas Kessler and Heiner Goebbels.

    Joël Cormier (Manager Classical Music,
    sound engineer and producer)   Contact

    +41 78 629 63 33  /   joel.cormier [at]

    After successfully completing his studies as a recording engineer, Joël has already realised more than 40 orchestra recordings. His field of expertise encompasses recording production especially. Musicians and conductors appreciate his great musicality and fine sense of interpersonal relationships. more

    Joël Cormier was born into a French-Swiss family in 1987 and lives in Bern with his wife. He studied tonmeister (for classical music) with piano as his major at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) from 2008 until 2014. He was also employed at the ZHdK as a tutor and a student representative. In 2011, he received a scholarship from the Hirschmann foundation.

    As a recording producer, he participated with great commitment in numerous CD productions and live recordings. He has worked with artists like David Zinman, Maurice Steger, Jesus Lopez Cobos, Zakhar Bron, Tonhalle Orchester, Cape Town Philharmonics, Musikkollegium Winterthur, Markus Utz, and many more. Some of these productions were published on renowned labels (Harmonia Mundi, Universal, Oehms Classics, Brilliant Classics a.o.) On top of that, he made over 10 recordings for radio on behalf of Silencium GmbH. In 2012, his production with Alexander Gilman received the renowned Diapason d'Or award.
    Since 2012, Joël Cormier has been filming classical music movies with Diego Saldiva (photographer und graphic designer). For example, he documented Maurice Steger's music and the music of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra on film.

    Benjamin Gut (Manager Pop, sound engineer and Producer)   Contact

    +41 76 439 17 95  /   benjamin.gut [at]

    Benjamin Gut was also a student at ZHdK and is now a full member of the Idee und Klang team. Beni is an extremely resourceful pop and jazz engineer who is interested in sound as well as in producing.

    Benjamin Gut, born in Basel in 1988, studied tonmeister with electric bass as a major at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). He plays electric bass, guitar, piano and the saxophone and sang and played in different bands like Leonti, Sarah E. Reid and Kapoolas. He has been part of Idee und Klang as a producer/engineer since 2011 and has executed various pop, jazz and film music projects. He has played the bass on movie soundtracks (Das kleine Gespenst) as well as radio jingles (SRF 3). With his own band - Kapoolas - he has written and produced two albums and has played countless concerts as a singer and bass player. Bands and artists that work with Beni (a.o. Carlo Mombelli, David Howald, Ana Scent, Christian Zehnder, Monoglot) appreciate his expertise in the tonal, technical and musical field.

    Hannes Kumke (sound- & mastering engineer)
    He is an institution at “Idee und Klang”, he was there from the start. Hannes has recorded countless jazz and film music productions and has also been working as a mastering engineer for some time.

    Jonas Prina – Sound Engineer
    Robert Herman – Audio Engineer at the Basel Theater
    David Klein - Producer (

  • Strauss


    Doing research on sound, and the subjective effect of music on people is more important than ever. Neuropsychology has produced some interesting insights, such as the evaluation of music inside the brain. In contrast to speech, music is primarily feeding the limbic system which is, among other things, responsible for the assessment of feelings and emotions. Depending on the technology used, the conveyed music transports more or less emotions, i.e. the capacity of music to touch our heartstrings, can go missing if bad or incorrectly selected technology is utilised. Idee und Klang Studio has been doing research, among other things, how the quality of sound technology is impacting the subjective experience of music.
    Specific projects are:

    The influence of the production technique on the subjective perception of transmitted music.
    This research project analyzes which influence audio engineering has on the subjective perception of transmitted music. It is a fact that the majority of audio engineers think mediocre sound engineering is sufficient, where as a small group pleads for the use of better technology. There is no reliable research in this area, especially because audio engineers don't agree on the type of test structure or the analysis. Both groups of audio engineers have to be able to agree on the type of test structure and the analysis. The research mainly takes place at the orchestra.

    The influence of word clock on the sound of music
    Digital converters need an exact beat (word clock). There is disagreement over how exact this beat must be and where small irregularities are tolerable (Jitter). Some studios use atomic clocks to provide a more stable beat for their word clock generators. However, the adjustment of the word clock to the beat of the atomic clock creates irregularities. We have been performing long-term hearing tests with different clocking methods (double-blind test).

    Necessity of higher sampling rates
    Execution of a production with split microphones. A recording is made at 44.1.kHz (CD quality) on one track and at 96kHZ on a second track. The whole production is then mixed twice with identical settings (the sampling rates stay the same). The 96 kHz production is scaled down to 44.1kHz at the end and compared to the 44.1 kHz recording from the start.


    Daniel Dettwiler is a lecturer at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) and Musikhochschule Basel. He can be booked for workshops and lectures.
    These are some of the possible subjects:

    Beauty of sound
    A historical summary of the development of audio engineering, classics from the good old days and an exciting outlook into the future. Key question: What is beauty of sound?

    Art in audio engineering
    What is the art of audio engineering? Is an audio engineer a “craftsman“ or an artist? What is art? A philosophical lecture about the impact of sound.

    Recording aesthetics for acoustic music
    For example: What makes an acoustic recording perfect? Why do so many music listeners prefer old jazz recordings to new ones. What can we learn from the old days?

    Mixing aesthetics: Mixing with in-depth effect
    Using the virtual space behind the speakers to create holistic sound patterns.

    Music recording and mixing of movie soundtracks
    To have its full effect, music for the big screen has to be recorded differently than music for a CD.

  • Articles in professional journals:
    Professional Audio Feb. 2014 Kolsimcha orchestra production in Abbey Road Studio 1
    Orchestra Recording (Filmmusic Special in Sound&Recording)
    Music production Deluxe (Interview with Daniel in Recording Magazine)
    Die Kunst der Tonaufzeichnung - the art of audio recording (7 page interview with Daniel Dettwiler)
    Tonaufzeichnung ohne Kompromisse - audio recording without compromises (Lecture from Daniel Dettwiler - Analog Audio Association)

    Own articles
    Klangräume erschaffen – creating sound space (article written by Daniel Dettwiler for TEC21)

    Idee und Klang on TV
    Daniel in Kassensturz:
    SRF Einstein Neue Töne fürs Radio - the new «Rendez-vous» signet

    Newspaper articles on us:
    Der Stoff, der Filmen Leben einhaucht – The stuff that makes movies come alive (BAZ article about recording and mixing 180°)
    Der Koch der Klänge – The sound cook (article about Daniel Dettwiler in the Basel newspaper)
    Edel-Sound für BMW und Grönemeyer – High end sound for BMW and Grönemeyer (Piece on “20min“)

    News articles and projects we were part of:
    Für Hollywood bin ich zu langsam – I am too slow for Hollywood (Interview with Niki Reiser, Schaffhauser newspaper)
    Intime Töne für ein grosses Orchester – Intimate sounds for a big orchestra (Interview with Diego and Lionel Baldenweg, Werbewoche)
    Die Suche nach der Realität – The search for reality (Critic of the “Marienglas“ concert)
    Wo sind denn diese Menschen? – Where are these people? (Introduction of the “Marienglas“ project in the Basel newspaper)

    -ECHO JAZZ 2012: Jasmin Tabatabai receives the highly coveted Echo for the album "Eine Frau" which was produced by David Klein and recorded, mixed and mastered by us.
    -SUISA Award: The soundtracks to "180°" (Diego Baldenweg) and "Das Blaue vom Himmel" (Niki Reiser) received the Suisa award. Both projects were recorded, mixed and mastered by us.
    -Daniel Dettwiler received the "Silver Award" from the Japanese "Jazz Critique Magazin" for the especially good sound of the CD "Never Let Me Go" by Robert Lakatos.
    -"Klangzauber aus der Schweiz". The Jazz-Culture editors voted "Stop & Go" (Rusconi Trio) album of the month because of its excellent music and sound quality.
    -The magazine "Audio" voted the CD "Selma - In Sehnsucht Eingehüllt" "audiophile CD of the month"

  • Strauss

    Because we are always on the lookout for the perfect sound, we regularly come across new niche products and sound equipment that sound especially integer. Word has got out about this, so we are often asked for advice by other audio engineers, studios and universities. We are happy to give our advice, help to plan studios and know exactly which equipment is necessary. We offer a small selection of special products (and also some common products) for purchase.

    We offer a new special service for Hifi lovers: We plan and put together the perfect stereo system with excellent sound at your home. No one knows better how music should sound at home and which equipment to use than someone who records music.

    Strauss loud speakers
    Easily the most transparent speakers on the market. The name that other producers have to compete with. We have all models on show at any time. It is worth a visit, an unbelievable listening experience – and of course you will get a good espresso with that!

    Most important here is the absolutely precise clock generator CC1. Many things are written about clocks. Fact is that our high end system with EMM converters seems to have a 20% better sound since we started using the Grimm beat - this has completely convinced us and many others.

    An unbelievable passive EQ designed by Stephan Bahr that has only just been developed and is still an insider's tip – we are sure it will become a cult object. We are the first studio in Switzerland to have one and we are happy to let you try it. We have been looking for the perfect EQ for two years and compared the best of the best. Some were too cold, others had a basic sound that we didn't like. The Q-factor finally ended our search.

    EMM Labs
    THE high end converter. The special secret of the EMM converters: They do not only sound precise – others do to – they sound a little livelier, more organic, just more musical.

    Metric Halo
    Especially the ULN 8, a fire wire interface with 8 preamps and an AD converter, 8 AES/EBU in and outputs, is a highlight for us. The quality is astounding, it matched our high end combination of preamps and converters (nevertheless GML Pre's and EMM Ad's) in several blind tests. We use it as an extension of our Pro Tools system or as a compact sound miracle for mobile recordings. Euphony in one Rack Unit! Best to just come for a visit, borrow a test device and convince yourself. We will also gladly provide test recordings.

    GML products are designed by celebrated audio engineer George Massenburg and need no further explanation. They are standard in recording and mastering studios. Its parametric EQ sets the standard in this field. The compressors are also unique. The 4 channel preamp is affordable and creates the typical precise, powerful but also musical GML sound.

    Vincent produces some excellent amplifiers that go nicely with the small and medium Strauss loud speakers. Their CD players are also impressive.

    STAX Hörer
    Simply the best and most transparent headphones.

    Audio-Technica and AKG microphones and headphones, various other microphones(DPA, Schoeps, Neumann). We can pretty much deliver anything after a consultation.

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Photo: © Diego Saldiva  Impressions Photo: © Philipp Dubs Photo: © Philipp Dubs Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva Photo: © Diego Saldiva

  • Idee und Klang Studio's technological heart is the lavish control room, bringing together all acoustic threads of a project. Here, analogue and digital technology is interwoven and linked in a unique manner in order to enable mixes at the highest level. In 2015 we have installed the legendary CADAC G Console, that was built in the 70ies for „Scorpio Sound Studios“ in London. Freddie Mercury and Supertramp, among many others, already sat in front of this legendary desk and produced many hit-records. Accurate acoustics and exquisite mastering monitors by Strauss Elektroakustik enable a perfect judgement as well as a tonal space design. A selection of upscale reverb units and various other toys, such as the so-called Beatles machine, and also a tape recorder boasting valve technology, round out the options. Or, in other words: just like a concert pianist's playing comes into its own on an exquisite concert grand, the tonmeister, too, is in need of an instrument which enables him to create a masterful acoustic pattern - for this purpose the Idee und Klang control room has been created.

  • Mix/Daw/Recordings
    Cadac G-Series console with 60 channels
    Martin Sound Flying Fader Automation on every channel
    Avid ICON (HDX 2, 32 track ICON D-Control)
    16 track EMM AD converter and 8 DA
    24 track Avid AD and DA converter
    32 track Merging Horus preamp and AD converter und 8 DA
    Studer C37 Mastering tube tape machine
    Studer A80 1/4 inch tape machine
    Digidesign HD 2 (also mobile ProTools system for film music recordings)
    Powerbook ProTools

    Strauss SE-MF2 Mastering monitors
    Strauss SE MF1 (Center)
    Strauss SE-NF3
    Crookwood M1 custom monitor controller and insert switcher
    Div. Genelecs, Dynaudios and Boomboxes

    Cadac (28 channels, the pres of our mixing desk, just marvelous)
    Merging Horus (a sound miracle, 32 channels)
    Siemens V76 Tube (full and warm, 2 channels)
    Lorenz V241 Tube (5 channels, great and transparent, still warm)
    2 Klangfilm Preamps - if they fit, then they can't be beaten
    DBX Blue (silky, smooth and airy)
    Metric Halo UNL8 (surprisingly good, 8 channels)
    Audient ASP008 (8 Channels)

    Undertone Audio Unfairchild ii
    Fairman TMEQ (Tube Master EQ) SPE Version
    FChandler Curve Bender
    Siemens 295 EQ's (old EQs from the 60s, punchy and warm, 5 channels)
    Q-Factor (the sound miracle from Germany, unbelievable for mastering, 2 channels)
    Tube Tech SMC 2a (wonderful stereo multiband compressor, 2 channels)
    3 Urei 1178 (the classic, 6 channels)
    4 NTP 179-140 (great classic compressors, 4 channels)
    1 DW-Fearn VT7 (tube compressor, 2 channels)
    GML 8900 (in service at the moment)
    Neumann EQ W495B (super silky, 2 channels)
    Neumann EQ 930 OEV (similar to the W495B, 2 channels)
    2 Stam Audio Sa-2a
    1 Stam Audio SA-4000
    Publison CL-20 opto compressor (2 channels)
    Aphex Aural Exciter
    Lexicon 960
    Lexicon 480
    Lexicon Super Prime Time Delay
    Reverbplate by Dieter Schöpf
    1 Sony DRE-S777 (still better than any convolution reverb plugin)
    1 Bricasti M7
    1 Quantec Yardstick 9624

    Steinway B-211
    Yamaha Upright
    Fender Rhodes (Mark 2, 88 Keys)
    Fender Rhodes (Mark 1, 88 Keys)
    Jupiter 8 Synthesizer
    Oberheim OBxa
    Blütner grand piano (on request)
    Tube Wurlizer (on request)
    Fender Twin (70ies)

  • The microphone is for the sound engineer what the instrument is for the musician. We are proud of our collection which contains pretty much all of what the art of microphone manufacturing has ever produced. By the way, even classical music may gain additional tonal beauty by utilising historical microphones - a fact somewhat forgotten in recent years.

    4 Neumann M50
    Simply the best Microphones to record Orchestras or Grandpianos. These Omnis are really hard to find and we are lucky to own four of them in mint condition. They come with the sought-after Aluminium Capsule in unbelievable condition! One out of the four is the legendary Decca Reference Microphone Nr. one!
    Neumann M50 Foto

    6 Neumann/Telefunken U47 Tube
    The legend lives! Jazz solo artists like John Coltrane, Miles Davis or Billie Holiday were taped with this microphone on their historical recordings. We have 3 "long body U47" and 2 "short body U47". The latter are an extremely rare pair with a current serial number and a stereo power supply unit. Both microphones have been revised and matched by Andreas Grosser – perfect for vintage sounding stereo recordings. The last U47 is a rarity, a "ccc" film version. There are only 7 of these in the world. (For experts: We have in total 2M7 and 3 K47 capsules. A special capsule K67 is arriving soon which will give the U47 a unique sound.)

    2 Neumann M49
    The U47's sister from the same time with the same capsule. Its sound is a little more tawny and grainy which is perfect for wind instruments – but also usually the first choice for celli in an orchestra (2 of them are in the studio, the other two belong to our classical producer Joël and are available on demand)

    1 Telefunken ELA M301/1 with M7 capsule
    A rare tube microphone from 1928. Sounds similar to the U47, a total insider's tip.

    1 Neumann KM53/253
    The perfect microphones for great sounding orchestral recordings, total Hollywood sound! KM53 (or M50) with the original aluminium capsule were manufactured around 1950 and are extremely rare nowadays. So we were delighted when we finally found some that were even almost perfectly matched.

    1 Neumann KM54
    The cardioid version of the KM53 with the same tube (AC701). Absolutely fantastic on acoustic guitar.

    1 RCA 44
    Most likely the greatest ribbon mic ever.

    4 Neumann KM56
    Similar to the KM 54/53 but with a double capsule. Sounds a little more colourful than the KM 54/53.

    2 Neumann 581/M62
    great little tube microphones, they sound like a mix between a KM84 and a KM54.

    1 Neumann MWL BV 30a
    Another Neumann bottle microphone with the legendary Hiller tube – which sounds particularly warm and full of character.

    2 AKG C12
    Another classic. Warm, silky smooth and charming.

    1 AKG C12a
    A great tube microphone, a little more rocky than the C12. Ours has a nice history, it belonged to audio engineering legend Eric Merz (Polo Hofer, Sina and many more). This exact mic recorded Kuno's voice on "I schänke dir mis Härz".

    1 Neumann U67
    With its slightly grainy sound it is perfect for anything that is supposed to come through in the composition.

    2 Neumann U77
    A rare and great microphone, its sound located between a U67 and the later U87.

    3 CMV563 with M55K or M7 Capsules
    The CMV563 with M55K capsules is one of the best looking microphones with omnidirectional characteristics. The M7 cardioid capsules turn it into a smooth sounding microphone with cardioid characteristics.

    2 Brauner VM1
    This more recent tube microphone sounds extremely accurate and powerful. Because of its great spatial resolution, it makes instruments like grand pianos, guitars or drums really stand out.

    Flea Mikrofone
    We have a U47 and a M49.

    Two 4038, great Ribbon Mics.

    Ribbons by Dieter Schöpf
    Two BM1 - stunning, precise but warm Mics.

    DPA Microphones
    DPA microphones are special because of their transparency and spatiality. We have 4 4006 (omnidirectional) and 2 4011 (cardioid).

    The equivalent to the DPAs with a little more sound but less transparency. We have 2 cardioid and 4 hyper cardioids.

    MV691/92 with M69/58/70
    The Gefell 691/92 range was the GDR competition to the old Neumann microphones. We have various types of these microphones that were optimized by Andreas Grosser and have different types of capsules to go with them. M69s are hypercardioid dynamic microphones that sound smooth and warm. Often more suitable as room microphones than DPAs. The M58s are more high frequency omnidirectional dynamic microphones. Finally, the M70s are nice and neutral cardioids, best used as spot microphones for orchestral recordings.

    Sennheiser small diaphragm condenser microphones are some of the best microphones on the market. We have:
    4 MKH 40 and 1 MKH 30 (Fig. 8).

    Russian treasures
    The Russians were one of the few nations that didn't copy the old Neumann microphones but designed their own microphones and capsules. These are just as good as the old German products and provide different tone colours. The brand Lomo's products and the old Oktavas are especially interesting. As an example, we recorded Herbert Grönemeyer's voice on the song "Trauer" by David Klein with a Russian microphone. We have the following models: 1 Lomo 19a19, 1 19a04, 2 UM51, 1 Oktava MK13.

    1 RE20, 2 Sennheiser 431, various SM57, 1 RTT MKL 100, 1 RTT MKL 101, 1 Shure SM7

    Available on demand
    2 U87, div. additional DPA 4006, div. Royer, 1 Sanken Cu41, 2 small diaphragm Sanken, div Sennheiser 421 and two more Neumann M49

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Classical Music

London Symphony Orchestra – Tonhalle Orchester – Cape Philharmonic Orchestra – Maurice Steger – David Zinman – Kolsimcha – London Mozart Players – Zakhar Bron Chamber – WDR Sinfonieorchester 

  • So that classical music may give pleasure at home is not a given, as we believe it is. Recorded music, especially of large bodies of sound such as orchestras, sounds ultimately boring to begin with. An extra art has got to be added in order that music through speakers is able to affect us - and this art form is called sound engineering. A musical production process together with a precise sound concept are prerequisites here. At the same time, the technology has got to be outstanding in order that art may happen at all. At the end of the day, the conveyed music ought to be as exciting as in a concert, and yet different.

    Responsible persons
    Joël Cormier has studied audio engineering and his expertise is recording direction. Daniel Dettwiler is an audio engineer specialised in sound research. This two-person team are the guarantors for breathtaking audio recordings.

    • Alexander Gilman - Cape Town Philharmonics
      Alexander Gilman (violin), Perry So (conductor) and the Philharmonic Orchestra Cape Town impress with their emotional piece in four parts for violin and orchestra. The CD also includes the theme tune of the movie „Schindler's list“ by John Williams.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Kolsimcha & London Symphony Orchestra
      What a spectacular, intense production. The composer and pianist Olivier Truan fulfils his dream and records this album in the legendary Abbey Road Studio 1 with the London Symphony Orchestra! And we have the pleasure of being responsible for the sound – what a pleasure but what a responsibility! The goal was to merge the band and the orchestra to make one powerful unity – an outstanding musical spectacle, there is no other way to say it.
      Audio samples & more details

    • VocalEnsemble der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
      Led by Markus Utz, the Vocal Ensemble, consisting of vocal students and Manuel Leuenberger on the Marimba, creates a rare spherical sound combination. The recording stands out because of its great spatiality. The motet "O magnum mysterium" (2007) composed by Marcus Paus from Norway – an example for Scandinavian choir sounds worth listening to.
      Audio samples & more details

    • The World Quintet - The Chase
      Clarinettist Michael Heizler and flutist Ariel Zuckermann's wonderfully virtuoso interpretation of Olivier Truan's witty composition – musical enthusiasm and great dexterity.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Laura Schmid
      With her virtuoso flute playing (recorder), Laura Schmid was awarded the Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes 2013 and is an aspiring artist in the area of early music.
      «Laura has a wonderful musicality, that is contagious. She understands how to tell a musical story with her recorder that we can all relate to and that touches us.» Maurice Steger, Swiss recorder player.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Zakhar Bron Chamber Orchestra – Impressions
      An ensemble consisting of Prof. Zakhar Bron best students – an intense and spectacular combination of virtuosity and musicality. When you see a 12 year old girl playing at the level of a world class soloist, you cannot overcome the amazement. The CD was produced in cooperation with Swiss radio.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Cape Town Philharmonics – Spohr
      The sound of the production with Alexander Gilman convinced the South African producers and we were allowed to mix and master their next production with Arjan Tien (conductor) and Maria Du Toit (clarinet). What an honour!
      Audio samples & more details

    • Bach orchestra suite Nr. 1 BWV 1066
      It is amazing what a young orchestra consisting mostly of pupils of the Zurich grammar school Unterstrass has created here. The live recording from the Grossmuenster Zurich captures an incredibly lively and fresh interpretation.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Maurice Steger – Pinocchio
      Children's CD with Maurice Steger (recorder), Jolanda Steiner (narrator) and the Musikkollegium Winterthur. Label: Universal Music.

    • Recordings of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich

    • Various recordings for Swiss radio

  • As of late, Idee und Klang Studio is also offering film production. In the area of classical music, films with a claim to aesthetics are pretty rare. We would like to counteract this fact by capturing poetic and sensuous aspects of music with our cameras. Is there anything more beautiful than a musician playing his instrument? Our list of 'film customers' already encompasses such names as Harmonia Mundi, Maurice Steger and the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester.

    Responsible persons:
    Joël Cormier and Diego Saldiva (photographer & graphic designer).

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Mark Turner – Jasmin Tabatabai – Kolsimcha (The World Quintet) – Jorge Rossy – Nils Wogram – WDR Bigband – Tobias Preisig – David Klein – Mugrew Miller – Wolfgang Muthspiel – John Schröder – Nik Bärtsch – Al Foster – Johannes Enders – Matthieu Michel – Pierre Favre – Domenic Landolf – Colin Valon – Don Li – Stefan Aeby – Lisette Spinnler – Rusconi – Elina Duni – Greg Osby – Andi Scherrer – Hans Feigenwinter – Jean Paul Brodbeck Trio

  • As hardly any other studios, Idee und Klang Studio is exemplary for great Jazz productions in this country. The go-ahead was certainly set by the production of My Marilyn by David Klein, a producer from Basel. As a perfectionist, he was not at all happy with the sound he got out of a world-renowned European studio. Daniel grabbed the chance and gave it a go - this production is still a reference today, although it had been achieved by comparably simple means only. Ever since we have been tirelessly searching for a method how to record and mix Jazz in order to make it get under the skin genuinely.
    In the process, we have also been delving into history to figure out why viny records from the 60s are so often superior to contemporary productions. Thus we were able to adopt those special and proven old-school approaches and fuse them with modern production technology. The outcome is the outstanding sound of our productions - simply the excellent euphony getting under your skin!

    Responsible persons
    Daniel Dettwiler is quite simply the expert for recording Jazz in this country. Sound research, mixing and mastering are in good hands with him. Available as producers and sound engineers are Beni Gut and Hannes Kumke.

  • Jazz must not be recorded in the manner of pop music! Today, too much emphasis is put on the spatial separation of the musicians. Therefore not a lot may go wrong in the process, unfortunately the recording is prevented from sounding gorgeous, however. Since Jazz is ultimately acoustic music as well, the sound ingredients ought to fuse into a single entity which is has got to be captured - while taking a risk not to separate.

    In the past, musicians weren't spatially separated and only a few microphones were on hand. We have researched this method which can still be applied today, if everything fits together nicely.
    This special art of a full-sounding old-school recording can only be successful, if the musicians are playing with a certain measure of discipline and individual fine tone, in a room with sublime acoustics, and the application of historical technology from bygone days. This insight is worth noting - research ought to be done why a corresponding jazz production using the best contemporary microphones doesn't even come close.

    For some time now we have also been offering ' direct to two tracks' - musicians get miked, mixing is done on the spot, and the result is captured on an old Studer tape machine. Thereof vinyl records are pressed. No cuts, no editing, no mixing at a later stage - the epitome of old-school indeed and boasting a sound without compare!

    At Volkshaus Studio in Basel (, we have a room at our disposal that is well-suited for Jazz. A number of our productions have been recorded there.

    • Jasmin Tabatabai – Eine Frau
      Jasmin Tabatabai receives the Echo Jazz 2012 award for her album ‘Eine Frau’! Producer David Klein’s target was to realise a tonal quality, rich and velvety at the same time, reminiscent of an old jazz album on vinyl yet technically state-of-the-art. The orchestra, the big band, the rhythm section as well as the soloists were recorded at the Volkshaus Studio Basel with, for the greater part, historical microphones from our collection. Thus came about a sound timbre, parchment-like and lush, hardly deemed possible in this day and age. This production was presented at the latest Tonmeistertagung 2012 by Daniel Dettwiler and met with great approval.
      Awards: Jasmin Tabatabai received the ECHO JAZZ in 2012 (the best singer National) for this production. Trade press: Musikproduktion Deluxe (interview with Daniel in the recording magazine)
      Audio samples & more details

    • Kolsimcha & London Symphony Orchestra
      What a spectacular, intense production. The composer and pianist Olivier Truan fulfils his dream and records this album in the legendary Abbey Road Studio 1 with the London Symphony Orchestra! And we have the pleasure of being responsible for the sound - What a pleasure but what a responsibility! The goal was to merge the band and the orchestra to make one powerful unity – an outstanding musical spectacle, there is no other way to say it.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Paolo Torsen Nagel – And On
      The young guitarist, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel, would accept no compromises with his remarkable debut album and gathered together a number of brilliant musicians, who interpreted his poetic and exciting compositions with much love. Among the guest artists was Grammy-award winner Johannes Enders, and also the renowned trumpet player, Matthieu Michel. The guideline was, to aim at a fantastically great range of spatial layering. On these grounds, recordings took place at the Volkshaus Studio Basel, for this hall’s fantastic acoustics combined with the sound of the historical microphones from our collection, is exactly what is required of truly good-sounding jazz.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Hans Feigenwinter | Zinc - Whim Of Fate
      Our requirement was to fuse together the instruments grand piano, saxophone and trombone and create a perfect balance between the sound and the location. To achieve this aim we experimented at the sound check and figured out an unusual setting – the grand piano without a lid and the brass section at the end of the grand piano, they more or less played into the grand piano. The trio was recorded as a group by the main microphones 2 M49 over the grand piano without the lid. We mixed and mastered it analogue on the A80 tape machine.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Tobias Preisig – Drifting
      We particularly enjoyed the mixing of the new CD by Tobias Preisig, simply because the music had to have special style of sound which we first had to find and create.
      Mix: Idee und Klang, Daniel Dettwiler
      Audio samples & more details

    • The World Quintet feat. The London Mozart Players
      The World Quintet project of the Klezmer Band Kolsimcha was one of our first big projects. The recordings of the orchestra took place in the legendary Abbey Road Studios and the band was recorded in Radio Studio 2 in Zurich and in the Gum Studios in Belgium.
      Audio samples & more details

    • David Klein Quintet – My Marilyn
      A beautiful tribute to Marilyn Monroe. David Klein has rearranged and recorded her songs with the help of the impressive musicians Mulgrew Miller - piano, Ira Coleman - bass, Marcello Pellitteri - drums, Miriam Klein - vocals. David himself played the saxophone. The CD was the first jazz CD Daniel Dettwiler mixed after finishing his studies and is still referred to today.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Rusconi
      Rusconi is a trio that creates modern jazz at its best. Three of their albums were realized in cooperation with us. The work of art “it’s a sonic life” is based on adaptations from “Sonic Youth” works by Pipilotti Rist and David Clavadetscher. For every one of the three albums an individual sound concept was developed: “Stop & Go” was recorded in an old radio studio with all the musicians in one room. For “One Up Down Left Right“ We chose a very spatial recording in the Volkshaus Studio in Basel. “It’s a Sonic Youth” was after all supposed to sound exactly opposite to normal recordings, that is very dry and powerful.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Robert Lakatos
      We made two CD productions for the exceptional pianist Robert Lakatos, which both meet the highest possible sound requirements. The CD “Never let me go” was even awarded the “Silver Award” for “particularly good sound” by the “Jazz critique Magazine”.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Jean-Paul Brodbeck
      We were able to make the following productions for the extraordinary pianist Jean-Paul from Zurich:
      -Brodbeck's Playground - Mood Hunter
      -Song of Tchaikovsky
      Audio samples & more details

    • Elina Duni
      We were able to produce the CDs “Baresha” and “Lume, Lume” for Elina Duni (at ECM at the moment). Her extremely moving voice is supported by the band in a good and harmonious, very interesting way.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Martin Lechner – Gentlemen Are Hard To Find: The Music Of Nat King Cole.
      Gentlemen Are Hard To Find: The Music Of Nat King Cole. Martin Lechner is a very talented singer from Germany with a fantastic voice which he uses naturally, it´s almost as if he hasn’t done anything else his whole life but sing. Although he only started to sing a few years ago and only for fun his voice is fresh, modest and relaxed. He is an exceptional musician who can also be described as a natural born-talent. His pleasant and laid-back character is the reason his music is able to breathe which reminds you of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra or Marvin Gaye. His voice´s timbre, his phrasing and his talent in interpretation are so impressive that we can really look forward to his first CD.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Wolfgang Muthspiel and Aydin Esen – Dialogo
      The two exceptional musicians created a fantastic live music moment in our studio. We recorded the grand piano and the guitars as you would in the past, straightforward and directly. The result is worth listening to!
      Audio samples & more details

    • Pierre Favre Ensemble – Fleuve
      For this ECM production a breathtaking sound was very important to the exceptional drummer Pierre Favre – and we only used four microphones to record everything on his huge set. We recorded the music of Pierre at the Volkshaus Studio Basel and didn't separate the seven instruments acoustically. That way we achieved a nice sound that merges perfectly. Something funny: At the beginning to be polite we only responded to Pierre and David with their family names, but then we could hear Pierre through the speakers to try out his drum kit at the first sound check. He said: "oh oui, ça sonne vraiment bien, alors je suis Pierre!"
      Audio samples & more details

    • Lisette Spinnler – Siavaloma
      She is a great singer and it was a fantastic production! For this sound we focused on a large location to record all of the instruments and the singing at the same time in the big hall of the Volkshaus Studio Basel. Of course we used our historic microphones to achieve the sound we wanted.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Jenny Chi – Nosso Mar
      The third album “Nosso Mar” from Jenny Chi is the outcome of her musical trips to Brazil and her devotion for Bossa Nova for many years – And it is her own style: Jenny Chi arranged the music and wrote the lyrics in Portuguese for about half of the compositions herself. Thus the rhythm and harmonies of the songs don't exactly suit the pure style of Bossa, these self-composed songs are still characteristic for the Bossa Nova and its vulnerable melancholy – simple, emotional and poetic.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Nils Wogram's Nostalgia – Affinity
      We were able to record the album for the well-known trombonist Nils Wogram. This is jazz at its best!
      Audio samples & more details

    • Nik Bärtsch - Live in der Klangscheune Piano di Primo
      A concert in a barn – this is what you get in Allschwill on the CD “Piano di Primo”. For this project the “Idee und Klang” studio acted as the sponsor and recorded many of these special concerts with high quality. Besides Nik Bärtsch we recorded among other musicians Hans Feigenwinter, Stefan Rusconi and many more.

    • Michal Jäger Kerouac meets Greg Osby & Philipp Schafelberger

    • Reto Suhner
      We were in charge of the CD productions “Colors“ and “Run” for the saxophonist Reto Suhner.

    • Andi Scherrer - Remember Mal Wardron

    • Strings & Rumba "Live together"
      The Stephan Kurmann Strings play with the Los Munequitos de Matanzas. We were in charge of the live recordings from the concerts, as well as the mixing and mastering. Label: Divox

    • Three Trios - Peter Frei
      A beautiful CD all about the bassist Peter Frei, supported by Colin Vallon, Michael Zisman, Rafael Schilt and Dominic Egli.

    • Stefano Saccon feat. Flavio Boltro - Notte

    • Joe Haider Double Quartet - Mysterious

    • Adrian Mears - New Orleans Hardbop
      With Peter Madsen, Domenic Landolf, Jeff Boudreaux and Stephan Kurmann

    • Adrian Mears - New Orleans Hardbop
      "Between two worlds" consists of the 60 minute composition “der Totentanz von Bern”, played by the Berner Unichor consisting of 60 people, as well as the chamber orchestra and a jazz ensemble. There are 2 bonus tracks from “Between two worlds”, a suite for the didgeridoo as well as the chamber orchestra of the German Chamber Academy of Neuss and a jazz trio.
      Credits: Totentanz von Bern, Robert Koller: Baritone, Lisette Spinnler: Jazz-Vocals, Adrian Mears: Trombone, Collon Vallon: Piano, Bänz Oester: Bass, Matthias Heep: Leader, Kammerorchester ad hoc, Special guests Akiko Hasegawa, Altin Tafilaj, The choir of the University of Bern, Recorded live at the Franziskaner Church Bern and at the Peterskirche, Basel, Switzerland 13th & 15th of June, 2006. Mixed & mastered at Idee und Klang studios, Basel. Soundengineer; Daniel Dettwiler. Second engineer on recording; Moriz Wetter. Assistant engineers on recording; Hannes Kumke and michael brändli.

    • Donat Fisch - Lappland
      With Andy Scherrer, Bänz Oester, Norbert Pfammantter

    • Dejan Terzic - Melanoia
      With Hayden Chisholm, Achim Kaufmann, Ronny Graupe, Label: Enja

    • Markus Gottschlich - Of Places between
      The pianist Markus Gottschlich accomplished a very diverse CD with great musicians in Miami. Among other musicians Federico Britos (violin) and JJ Freire (percussion) play on this CD.

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Film Music

Heidi – Im Labyrinth des Schweigens – Die Weisse Massai – Im Winter ein Jahr – Das blaue vom Himmel – Mariah ihm schmeckts nicht – Das Leben ist zu lang – Alles auf Zucker – Exit Marrakesh – Die Abenteuer des Huck Finn – 180° – Das kleine Gespenst

  • Whether a movie touches you emotionally, is largely due to the film score. In order to develop all its emotional power at the cinema, it has got to be recorded and mixed in a special manner. Attributes such as magnitude, breadth, width, intimacy etc. are of even greater importance than in classical music. A timpani, for instance, ought to unfold its force inside the cinema hall, a fanfare should press the visitor firmly into the seat. A fact already recognised in old Hollywood films and, to be honest, brilliantly applied from the very beginning. We are recording film scores decidedly in accordance with Anglo-American standards. For this purpose, historical technology is indispensable. Moreover, in order or record all tonal attributes, many more microphones have to be used than what is otherwise common in classical music.

    Responsible persons

    Daniel Dettwiler is responsible for sound and our 5.1 specialist for grandiose-sounding film scores. Both Beni Gut and Hannes Kumke are engineers, and Joël Cormier acts as orchestra producer.

  • Both recording location and choice of orchestra play a pivotal role. Volkshaus Studio in Basel provides a fantastic space for movie score recordings, and members of Sinfonieorchester Basel are well-tried in the range of film music. Further facilities are Teldex Studio Berlin together with the Berlin Score Orchestra, or even Abbey Road Studios in London. Equally popular is our mobile sound technology, so that we are even capable to record the largest bodies of sound anytime and anywhere.

    • Die Weisse Massai
      „Die Weisse Massai” is one of the numerous soundtrack productions we were able to execute for the well-known composer Niki Reiser. We already started working on the music during the shoot in Africa. Niki and Daniel tried to find local musicians from the bush in Kenya who we recorded with mobile equipment on the spot. The recordings of the orchestra took place in the Teldex Studio in Berlin. Back in Basel we recorded the additional musicians (percussion, guitars, harp, piano etc.). We had to work on quite different sound material which was an exciting and interesting challenge!
      Audio samples & more details

    • Das Blaue vom Himmel
      The touching drama with Juliane Köhler and Hannelore Elsner arrived in the cinemas in 2011. We recorded the fantastic score by Niki Reiser in Wroclaw. The music was awarded the film music prize of the SUISA foundation in 2011.
      Recordings of the orchestra:
      Worzlaw Score Orchestra, Daniel Dettwiler, Tobias Lehmann
      Mix and additional recordings: Idee und Klang Studio, Daniel Dettwiler
      Audio samples & more details

    • Im Winter ein Jahr
      Great music from the master himself Reiser and very different – fine and shimmering sounds of the guitar give us the feeling of an afterlife as well as the voices which touch our feelings very intensively. The sound had to be very intimate to achieve the feeling of the sensitive emotions in this music.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Kolsimcha & London Symphony Orchestra
      Although this project is a CD and not a soundtrack we still would like to introduce some compositions of Olivier Truan, because the London Symphony Orchestra is not only one of the most important orchestras in the world it also played some of the biggest soundtracks, for example Star Wars or Harry Potter. This music was also played and recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studio 1 and the projects already introduced could also be soundtracks, what do you think?
      Audio samples & more details

    • Exit Marrakech
      A great film from the Oscar winner Caroline Link (Nirgendwo in Afrika/Nowhere in Africa)! We were responsible from the beginning to the end. The composer Niki Reiser created a very specific soundtrack for the band and the quartet. Sound engineer: Hannes Kumke, supervision and mastering: Daniel Dettwiler
      Audio samples & more details

    • Maria ihm schmeckt's nicht
      Niki Reiser created wonderfully typical Italian music for this comedy – we had great fun while producing. We especially paid attention to a colourful and silky sound for the orchestra what fits the film well.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Die Abenteuer des Huck Finn
      For this project, renowned film music composer Niki Reiser conceived a highly exciting and elaborate score, featuring western-type instruments such as the dobro, the banjo or the fiddle alongside a big orchestra. The orchestra, consisting of musicians from the Philharmonie Köln and Sinfonieorchester Bonn, was recorded in Cologne using expensive mobile technology. Besides our own EMM AD converters we have, for the first time ever, utilised the incredible ‘Horus’ converters by the Swiss company, Merging, which set new quality standards in terms of transparency. Again, the historical microphones were crucial to proffer the warm and Hollywood-like wide orchestra sound requested by Reiser.
      Cover story in the magazine for specialist Sound & Recording
      Audio samples & more details

    • Mein Führer
      We wanted the soundtrack “Mein Führer” to sound as fulminant as possible. We created that sound with the WDR Orchestra consisting of 90 people, without any problems we did the recordings in the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra.
      Audio samples & more details

    • 180° – Kinofilm
      Only the best was good enough for the production of the music from the film 180°! To achieve a warm character of sound, from compositions of Diego Baldenweg, we gathered all the historical microphones our studio owns together and set them up to record the wonderful Tonhall Orchestra in Zurich. After that, the soundtrack was mixed in our studio in 5.1. The music was awarded with the SUISA Award for the “Best soundtrack 2010” at the Film Festival in Locarno.
      "Der Stoff der Filmen Leben einhaucht" (a newspaper article about Daniel Dettwiler, BAZ)
      "Intime Töne für ein grosses Orchester" (an interview with Diego and Lionel Baldenweg, Werbewoche)
      Audio samples & more details

    • Das kleine Gespenst
      The brilliant children’s novel by Otfried Preussler written in 1966 was made into a movie in 2013 – none other than Nadeschkin and Emil did the voice over for the Swiss version. Music: Niki Reiser, Recording and Mix: Daniel Dettwiler Tracking : Beni Gut and Hannes Kumke, Orchestra: Members of the Symphony Orchestra Basel, Guitars: Oliver Keller, Percussion: Andi Pupato, Piano: Daniel Dettwiler, Electric bass: Benjamin Gut and many more
      Audio samples & more details

    • Die Wilden Hühner und das Leben
      Niki Reiser created wonderfully refreshing music using an orchestra and loads of guitars for the follow-up of the well-known teenage “Hühner” films – lavishly instrumented. Just like you would expect it from the master himself!
      Recording: Daniel Dettwiler, Hannes Kumke
      Mix und Mastering: Daniel Dettwiler
      Audio samples & more details

    • Alles auf Zucker
      This was our first film music production for Niki Reiser.The WDR big band played and the recording process in their own studios wasn’t too easy because of various reasons.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Das Leben ist zu Lang
      A comedy directed by Dani Levy – Niki Reiser’s music manages without an orchestra and we enjoyed creating a sound à la Ocean’s Eleven!
      Recording and Mix: Idee und Klang Studio
      Recording: Hannes Kumke, Daniel Dettwiler
      Mix and Mastering: Daniel Dettwiler
      Audio samples & more details

    • Escape from Tibet
      Director: Maria Blumencron, Muik: Peter Scherer.
      Orchestra: Zürcher Kammerorchester
      Recording: Hannes Kumke und Teresa Kunz mit Idee und Klang mobile Equipment

      Trilunafilm, Director: Frank Garbely

    • Der letzte Coiffeur vor der Wettsteinbrücke - Documentary
      by Jaqueline Falk and Christian Jamin

    • Geld oder Leben
      by Jaqueline Falk and Christian Jamin

    • Jane's Journey - die Lebensreise der Jane Goodall
      Film about famous primatologist
      Recording of the orchestra: Idee und Klang, Daniel Dettwiler im Volkshaus Studio Basel

    • Warsteiner 260 Jahre Jubiläum
      by Jaqueline Falk and Christian Jamin

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Herbert Grönemeyer – Xavier Naidoo – Sina – Thomas D – Yvonne Catterfeld – Seven – Marc Sway – Sarah Connor – Heidi Happy

  • In Pop music, possibilities of sound engineering are applied more creatively than in other styles. Here, a large portion of the sound comes into being by utilising top microphones, analogue compressors and equalizers. Is this kind of technology first-rate and versatile, special and unique productions are achievable. We are particularly proud of our centrepiece in the conrol room, because on our huge analogue Cadac console, previously standing at Scorpio Studios in London, a few of pop music's milestones had been mixed - amongst others BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by the band Queen. Still, the most important part behind all the technology is played by people who know how to utilize and play with it in a creative and most musical way.

    Responsible persons

    Beni Gut manages the Pop department at Idee und Klang Studio and acts as engineer/producer. Daniel Dettwiler's special field is acoustic Pop projects.

    • Selma – In Sehnsucht eingehüllt – The World Quintet
      Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, with her collection of poems called „Blütenlese“ left a piece of world literature behind when she died 1942 in a labor camp at the age of 18. The World Quintet put music to her poems and twelve of the most famous German singers lent Selma their voice. Together they have produced unforgettable and moving Songs.
      Sarah Connor, Yvonne Catterfeld, Rheinhard Mey, Thomas D, Xavier Naidoo, Joy Denelane, Hartmut Engler (Pur), Ute Lemper, Inga Humpe (2Raumwohnung), Volkan Baydar (Orange Blue), Jasmin Tabatabai, Stefanie Kloss (Silbermond)
      Audio samples & more details

    • Herbert Grönemeyer – Trauer
      David Klein's song Trauer marked the start of the „Selma project”. It also already appeared on the CD “the World Quintet”. Realizing this song was a highly exciting task! The orchestra part in the song was played by the unbelievable “London Mozart Players” and we recorded in the Abbey Road Studio 1. Especially with Herbert Grönemeyer’s voice we wanted to set a signal – big, warm and with integrity. The nice piano sound is actually the result of a mistake: To be able to adjust the piano sound to the recordings of the orchestra in Abbey Road we set up more than ten microphones. As Daniel was monitoring he once forgot to mute the other microphones which weren’t needed et voilà, there it was, the magical and, for this song, perfect sound.
      Audio samples & more details

    • Bettina Schelker – Another Strum
      The singer/songwriter has realized a beautiful and straightforward production in which she also played the guitar. Our special U47 ccc, of which there are only 2 existing worldwide, was the perfect match for her voice!
      Audio samples & more details

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World, Crossover, ...

Christian Zehnder – XALA (Ania Losinger) – Balthasar Streiff – Fortunat Fröhlich – Robert Henke – Matthias Eser

  • World music and other crossover projects, or, simply, just special types of music, have a long tradition at Idee und Klang Studio. If, for instance, vocal virtuoso Christian Zehnder's overtone singing meets the drums of exemplary percussionist Gregor Hilbe while both of them are playing the custom-made wooden organ-mouth pipes simultaneously, or if Ania Losinger dances on the Xala, a kind of floor xylophone, stepping onto it to release tones, previously unheard-of sounds are about to emerge. In this way we are also able to develop a special and autonomous sound concept, creating a sound that was unheard beforehand. The following is one of our most treasured fields of expertise: music with no reference at all as to 'old records' for possible orientation, in order to design and develop a unique sound structure. To this end, the sound engineer has got to develop an inner notion of some tonal aspects and then try to convert his ideas with the help of his instrument (plus all the great technical toys), giving form and structure to that notion. Such projects embody, so to say, the pinnacle of the art of sound engineering and are, therefore, particularly exciting to us.

    • Oloid
      Together with voice, percussion and the archaic sub basses of their wooden organ mouth pipes, Christian Zehnder (Stimmhorn, Kraah) and Gregor Hilbe (Tangocrash, Vienna Art Orchestra) are circling their magical Oloid and merge both roots and avant-garde music in their sound oeuvre, creating an outlandish and singular experience far removed from any kind of stylistic concept. It goes without saying that for this project a new and sublime sense of sonority had to be cultivated, a perfectly mastered task by the sound engineer, Daniel Dettwiler. The result is a sound spectacle boasting a specific spatial sound design. In addition to the normal CD release, parts of this oeuvre had also been mixed for the innovative wave field synthesis system (WFS) and were demonstrated on a 24-channel system at this year’s Tonmeister convention.
      Video: ART TV
      Videos, Audio samples & more details

    • Xala - The Five Elements
      Ania Losinger plays the only Xala there is in the world, a kind of floor xylophone, on which she dances in order to create beautiful sounds. Accompanied by Matthias Eser (Marimba/ Percussion) they created an exciting, rhythmical pulsating CD. The miking arrangement for the Xala was a great challenge! Considering the musician dances on her instrument to create sound it clearly reduces the opportunities to set up the microphones. Our goal was to generate a great and forceful sound in which the impulses would stick out.
      Videos, Audio samples & more details

    • Zehnder – Kraah
      The internationally renowned virtuoso and overtone singer Christian Zehnder is especially known for his work in the duo “Stimmhorn”. For the project “Kraah” he realized an extraordinary production working with a collection of exceptional musicians. Our audio implementation stood out because of sonic depth and integrity of the recording. This quality pushes the boundaries in quality of sound.
      Videos, Audio samples & more details

    • Contrapunkt Chor - djelem djelem
      The loud market women of a Bulgarian wedding story, the delicacy of Spanish renaissance compositions and liberating clarity of boisterous roma songs : All of this can be found in 24 song on Contrapunkt Chor's new CD. Audio samples & more details

    • Wetterleuchten
      Fortunat Frölich / Christian Zehnder
      Musiques Suisses MGB-NV 23

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  • These days, mastering is more important than ever before, and this is why it gets a special mention here. For excellent mastering is not about competing in the loudness war! Perfect mastering adds another dimension of tonal beauty to the project! Each and every mix, perfect as it may seem, can profit from an additional tonal elegancy, just as the exquisite painting gains in beauty with the appropriate frame, or the best meal only becomes perfect after being seasoned by the masterful chef. Furthermore, minor mistakes in the mix are corrected, the frequency range is possibly optimised and the dynamics adjusted. It is a fact that today's CDs should also be loud - a requirement which must be met, since no-one likes to have a CD which is not as loud as all the others. After many years of research we have come up with a method to increase the volume of the music without the excessive use of a limiter. Thus, our music retains both dynamics and vitality, coming across as loud as any other CD at least. The secret in doing so is the use of saturation of the transformers in our gear, and also the phenomenon of magnetism while, for instance, using the time-honoured Studer C37 valve tape machine.

    We use the best gear available, such as Strauss Se-Mf2 Mastering Monitors, a Fairman Tube Master Equalizer (TMEQ), a Undertone Audio Unfailrchild ii Compressor and often the Studer C37 tube-based Tapemachine.

  • Analogue equipment is still a must these days. It's also imperative to utilise the optimal D/A converter in order to bring the delivered digital mix back to the analogue domain. What gets lost in the converting process, no piece of equipment is capable to bring back. Sound magic happens in the analogue domain exclusively. Afterwards, the optimal A/D converter is required to digitize the signal for the CD in the best possible way.

    Delivery formats:
    1/4 inch tape (optimal), or digital format (resolution and bit depth used at mixing stage). We do accept all formats, of course. We recommend by all means to record projects at a sampling rate of 96 kHz. Especially acoustic music is not recommended to be recorded at either 44.1 or 48 kHz. Even if no difference may be heard in the recordings, there is still some definite distinction. Not later than at the mastering stage, people usually have regrets, for we can enter the analogue domain much more accurately at 96 kHz than at lower frequencies. The vitality of music is due in no small part to the high frequencies - the fact that a sinus tone above 18 kHz is not perceptible anymore for the human ear, by implication doesn't mean we should not record frequencies above 20 kHz (what is the case at 44.1 kHz).

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