Joy of sound

Ā«Music's unspeakable depth, so easy to understand and yet so mysterious, is due to the fact that it recreates all of our being's innermost feelingsā€¦"
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

The secret of music could hardly be put in words in a more beautiful manner. When listening to well-played music in concert, the audience gets infected by the magic of the one moment which is without equal. The art of recording tries to capture that magic, doing its utmost to make sure that the music's inherent magic hits home. This is the true art of a tonmeister's task - the aim has been reached when we, while listening to the music, forget that we are sitting between two speakers, and euphony is reaching the depths of our souls. The CD has got to be more than a mere copy of reality, an additional tonal beauty must be added courtesy of the tonmeister or recording engineer. Just as the chef de cuisine is refining a meal by his artistry, or the photographer projecting things beyond natural perception. A tonmeister is an artist, either in the field of record engineering or sound design. He has got an inner idea of the music and sound, and is guided by his inspiration while both his technical skills and his experience provide the basis.


Is a CD production's euphony right, the music will be listened to more often, for it comes across as being more lively and played with inspiration, bringing great joy - the joy of sound.


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