The Idee und Klang Studio produces outstanding recordings in various musical styles. We put a great deal of attention on a sound concept tailored to the project and to find a recording space that is a perfect match for the music. And whenever it makes sense, we use historical microphones - but the through is, it will nearly always make sense.


We love to mix music to the highest standards! Especially important to us is a big and warm sound that at the same time has an enormous depth-of-field. These are actually opposites. To unite them nevertheless - a not so easy process - is one of our absolute specialities. 


The final touch before the music is released, the final tasting, so to speak. In our own productions we have a special approach, which certainly contributes to the the euphonic sound of our projects.


We provide consulting services to recording studios, musicians, schools and concert stages in all questions regarding acoustics, equipment or all problems related to sound.


We advise studios in their planning and have interesting products in our range, e.g. Strauss loudspeakers, Flea and Soyuz microphones. 

Lectures, Company Events

Why not spend an afternoon in the Idee and Klang Studio for your next corporate event? Want to produce a song or attend an exciting lecture by company founder Daniel Dettwiler? Contact us with your idea!