Guarantors to achieve ambitious goals are the diverse people at Idee und Klang Studio. All of them are masters in their field of expertise, and they all are greatly interested in research, too. 

Daniel Dettwiler (Owner, sound- & mastering engineer)  Contact

Daniel is a master of creating unique sonic experiences. From miking to mixing to mastering, he continuously performs small and large sound miracles – which has brought him an impressive amount of pleased regular customers. Daniel is not happy until he makes you forget that you are between two speakers and can simply enjoy.  more

 Leandro Gianini (Tonmeister)   Contact 

Leandro studied sound engineering at the ZHDK and after a short internship he was immediately employed by us and has become indispensable for us. Leandro is fit in all areas of music production.

Benjamin Gut (Backoffice, Engineer)  Contact

Although he is now studying to become a lawyer, he is still available for a production every now and then - unfortunately not as often as before, much to our regret. Beni is an incredibly inventive master of pop and jazz, interested mainly in mixing.




Joël Cormier (Sound Engineer)
After successfully completing his studies as a recording engineer, Joël has already realised more than 40 orchestra recordings. His field of expertise encompasses recording production especially. Musicians and conductors appreciate his great musicality and fine sense of interpersonal relationships.
Virgile Rosselet: Engineer
Sina Steiner: Junior-Engineer
Steffen Peters: Junior-Engineer
David Klein (Producer,
Hannes Kumke (Mastering Engineer)
Robert Hermann (Audio Engineer am Theater Basel)