In collaboration with Ramon De Marco, Daniel Dettwiler has composed many news, TV and radio jingles. These were always created under the premise of achieving the highest possible sound quality. In the majority of cases, real instruments were recorded, whose sounds then formed the material for further experiments.

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Belles Lettres

Not only did we record the voice for this audio book, we have also composed the title and interlude music. The basis for the sound was an improvisation by Daniel Dettwiler on the Steinway grand piano - Beni Gut then contributed all additional sounds. The result is a fascinating audio book with touching music.

Audio examples & more infos

Sound jewels for Swiss national Radio SRF 2 Kultur

A completely new sound concept was requested for the compositions for the latest jingles and signets on SRF2. Improvisations by some of the best Swiss musicians were recorded and used as raw material to create completely new sounds and textures. This resulted in sound inventions that give the station a completely unique sonic dress.

Audio examples & more infos