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Together with voice, percussion and the archaic sub basses of their wooden organ mouth pipes, Christian Zehnder (Stimmhorn, Kraah) and Gregor Hilbe (Tangocrash, Vienna Art Orchestra) are circling their magical Oloid and merge both roots and avant-garde music in their sound oeuvre, creating an outlandish and singular experience far removed from any kind of stylistic concept. It goes without saying that for this project a new and sublime sense of sonority had to be cultivated, a perfectly mastered task by the sound engineer, Daniel Dettwiler. The result is a sound spectacle boasting a specific spatial sound design. In addition to the normal CD release, parts of this oeuvre had also been mixed for the innovative wave field synthesis system (WFS) and were demonstrated on a 24-channel system at this year’s Tonmeister convention. 

“Oh, I loved it”
George Massenburg

“Hi Danny! I did and I love that recording, thanks for the CD
 I love what you did with the echo , amazing stuff. All the best, Al”
Al Schmitt

Video: ART TV

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Xala - The Five Elements

Ania Losinger plays the only Xala there is in the world, a kind of floor xylophone, on which she dances in order to create beautiful sounds. Accompanied by Matthias Eser (Marimba/ Percussion) they created an exciting, rhythmical pulsating CD. The miking arrangement for the Xala was a great challenge! Considering the musician dances on her instrument to create sound it clearly reduces the opportunities to set up the microphones. Our goal was to generate a great and forceful sound in which the impulses would stick out.

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Zehnder – Kraah

The internationally renowned virtuoso and overtone singer Christian Zehnder is especially known for his work in the duo “Stimmhorn”. For the project “Kraah” he realized an extraordinary production working with a collection of exceptional musicians. Our audio implementation stood out because of sonic depth and integrity of the recording. This quality pushes the boundaries in quality of sound.

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Elsner - Im Überschwang aus meinem Leben

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Fortunat Frölich / Christian Zehnder
Musiques Suisses MGB-NV 23

Contrapunkt Choir - djelem djelem

The loud market women of a Bulgarian wedding story, the delicacy of Spanish renaissance compositions and liberating clarity of boisterous roma songs: All of this can be found in 24 song on Contrapunkt Chor's new CD.

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