The microphone is for the sound engineer what the instrument is for the musician. We are proud of our collection which contains pretty much all of what the art of microphone manufacturing has ever produced. By the way, even classical music may gain additional tonal beauty by utilising historical microphones - a fact somewhat forgotten in recent years.

5 Neumann M50

Simply the best Microphones to record Orchestras or Grandpianos. These Omnis are really hard to find and we are lucky to own five of them, all in mint condition. Needless to say that they all come with the sought-after genuine Aluminium Capsule in unbelievable condition! Our collection also includes the legendary Decca Reference Microphone Nr. 1, with which Decca made the first recording of Wagner's Opera "The Ring of the Nibelung" in the 50s, conduced by Sir George Solti in Vienna. 
M50 pic

6 Neumann/Telefunken U47 Tube

The legend lives! Jazz solo artists like John Coltrane, Miles Davis or Billie Holiday were taped with this microphone on their historical recordings. We have 3 "long body U47" and 2 "short body U47". The latter are an extremely rare pair with a current serial number and a stereo power supply unit. Both microphones have been revised and matched by Andreas Grosser – perfect for vintage sounding stereo recordings. The last U47 is a rarity, a "ccc" film version. There are only 7 of these in the world. (For experts: We have in total 2M7 and 3 K47 capsules.
U47's pic

2 Neumann M49

The U47's sister from the same time with the same capsule. Its sound is a little more tawny and grainy which is perfect for wind instruments – but also usually the first choice for celli in an orchestra (2 of them are in the studio, the other two belong to our classical producer Joël and are available on demand)

2 AKG C12

Another classic. Warm, silky smooth and charming.

1 Telefunken ELA M301/1 with M7 Kapsel

A rare tube microphone from 1928. Sounds similar to the U47, a total insider's tip. 

1 Neumann U67

With its warm yet close sound it is perfect for anything that is supposed to come through in the composition.

2 Neumann U77

A rare and great microphone, its sound located between a U67 and the later U87. 

3 Neumann KM54

The cardioid version of the KM53 with the same tube (AC701). Absolutely fantastic on acoustic guitar.

1 Neumann KM264

A sonic mix between the KM 84 (capsule) and the KM 54 (body). So to say a KM 84 tube-version. 

4 Neumann KM56

Similar to the KM 54/53 but with a double capsule. Sounds a little more colourful than the KM 54/53.

2 Neumann KM84

No words needed... 

2 Neumann 581/M62

great little tube microphones, they sound like a mix between a KM84 and a KM54.

1 Neumann MWL BV 30a

Another Neumann bottle microphone, which sounds particularly big and warm. 

1 AKG C12a

A great tube microphone, a little more rocky than the C12. Ours has a nice history, it belonged to audio engineering legend Eric Merz (Polo Hofer, Sina and many more). This exact mic recorded Kuno's voice on "I schänke dir mis Härz", which was one of the biggest hits in Switzerland. 

1 RCA 44

A really big sounding and big looking old ribbon microphone. 

3 CMV563 mit M55K oder M7 Kapseln

The CMV563 with M55K capsules is one of the best looking microphones with omnidirectional characteristics. The M7 cardioid capsules turn it into a smooth sounding microphone with cardioid characteristics.

3 Brauner VM1

This more recent tube microphone sounds extremely accurate and powerful. Because of its great spatial resolution, it makes instruments like grand pianos, guitars or drums really stand out. The the third one actually is the sought after stereo version. 

1 Neumann KM53/253

A nice omni microphone.  

More large diaphragm microphones

1 Neumann U47 fet
1 Neumann TLM 67
1 Flea 47
1 Flea 49
1 Flea Superfet
1 Soyuz Bomblet
1 RTT MKL 100,
1 RTT MKL 101
1 Sanken Cu41

More small diaphragm microphones

1 small diaphragm Sanken
3 DPA 4006
2 Soyuz 013
2 Neumann MV691 with various capsules

More Ribbons:

1 Royer
1 Royer stereo-microphone
2 BM1 by DS Microphones (Dieter Schöpf)
2 Melodium 42 B (the French version of a RCA 44)

Dynamic microphones

1 EV RE20,
2 Sennheiser 431
several SM57
2 Sennheiser MD 441

as well as some old Russian Lomo mics. Fantastic e.g. on an amp.