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  • SUISA AWARD 2016: Niki Reiser was awarded the Suisa Filmmuisc Price for his beautiful score for “HEIDI”. 
  • ECHO JAZZ 2012: Jasmin Tabatabai receives the highly coveted Echo for the album "Eine Frau" which was produced by David Klein and recorded, mixed and mastered by us.
  • SUISA Award: The soundtracks to "180°" (Diego Baldenweg) and "Das Blaue vom Himmel" (Niki Reiser) received the Suisa award. Both projects were recorded, mixed and mastered by us.
  • Daniel Dettwiler received the "Silver Award" from the Japanese "Jazz Critique Magazin" for the especially good sound of the CD "Never Let Me Go" by Robert Lakatos.
  • "Klangzauber aus der Schweiz". The Jazz-Culture editors voted "Stop & Go" (Rusconi Trio) album of the month because of its excellent music and sound quality.
  • The magazine "Audio" voted the CD "Selma - In Sehnsucht Eingehüllt" "audiophile CD of the month»