Silvan Joray - Cluster

Take three young jazz musicians, heaps of concentrated musicality, boundless passion and a pinch of humor; all which contribute to make the melodic jazz of the Silvan Joray Trio. On one side, there is a well-balanced band that harmonizes wonderfully with one another, and on the other, the catchy and imaginative compositions of the bandleader. The Trio entices the listener with verve and vitality, transporting them on a journey through the world, filled with moments of playful interaction, dreamy melodies and quick-flying rhythms.

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Harvey Diamond - It Could Happen To You

Damn that sounds exquisite. Everything is perfect but the double bass is particularly special. I like the mood and the performances too. Spend the fiver and buy it.
Dennis Weinreich, Engineer (Supertramp)

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Lisette Spinnler – Sounds Between Falling Leaves

Hey!!  sorry for being slow here!  This stuff sounds wonderful!!  So big and open.  It seems like the UTA/CADAC combination is working really well.  Her voice sounds amazing... what was the mic?  and the cymbals are just stunning... effortless airy brightness.  Wonderful work on this!
Eric Valentine, Engineer (Queens of the Stone Age, Slash)

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Jean-Paul Brodbeck Trio – Extra Time

In this formation the openness of modern music meets the earthy spirit of jazz traditions. The program comprises of the newest of Brodbeck’s compositions as well as selected standards. The highly melodic and flowing repertoire celebrates the joy of live interaction, and the “piano trio” form brings it to its completeness and ultimate expression. 

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William Evans, Donat Fisch, Bänz Oester, Jorge Rossy, Andy Scherrer – Schlitten

Recorded without headphones, the players in one room, in a circle facing each other, the "sound" is a factor in the success of the set. Warm, spontaneous, interactively virtuosic, it could be mistaken for one of the late-50s/early-60s Prestige Records sessions. The two Thelonious Monk tunes, "Misterioso" and "Bemsha Swing," serve as a highlights, with an additional tenor sax—Andy Scherrer—mixed into the group, for some wandering conversations with alto/tenor saxophonist Donat Fisch.
Dan Mc. Clenghan (allaboutjazz.com)

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Jorge Rossy – Stay There

This was the first "old-school" recording we made with our historic microphones at the Jazzcampus Basel. Jorge Rossy, who is often playing with Brad Mehldau, has put together a great band here, including drummer-veteral Al Foster (Miles Davis), saxophonist Mark Turner, guitarist Peter Bernstein (Diana Krall) and bassist Doug Weiss. What a pleasure to record those cracks!

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Feigenwinter, Oester Pfammatter: The Eighth Veil (Billy Strayhorn)

We had a lot of fun recording this trio! All in one room, without headphones, they played masterfully, sounded wonderful. And so it was easy to record this great band with few but fine historical microphones.

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Yuri Storione - Live at The Bird's Eye

It also makes a lot of sense to let a live recording mix at our analog Cadac Console:-) We like that CD a lot!

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Jasmin Tabatabai - Was sagt man zu den Menschen, wenn man traurig ist?

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Kolsimcha & London Symphony Orchestra

What a spectacular, intense production. The composer and pianist Olivier Truan fulfils his dream and records this album in the legendary Abbey Road Studio 1 with the London Symphony Orchestra! And we have the pleasure of being responsible for the sound - What a pleasure but what a responsibility! The goal was to merge the band and the orchestra to make one powerful unity – an outstanding musical spectacle, there is no other way to say it.
Professional Audio Feb. 2014 (german only)

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Stefan Aeby Trio – Into The Light

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If one were to break the album down to one characteristic, this would be its hauntingly narrative moment; as a listener, one absorbs every note as if the instruments were driving an exciting plot. CONCLUSION: "Asania In Mind" is an encouraging work in every aspect. Plurism are hereby submitting their preliminary masterpiece and combine Afro-Jazz in an incomparable way with a Northern European approach to music making to create a very unique sound. With Egli and Co., everything is sound...
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Jasmin Tabatabai – Eine Frau

Jasmin Tabatabai receives the Echo Jazz 2012 award for her album ‘Eine Frau’! Producer David Klein’s target was to realise a tonal quality, rich and velvety at the same time, reminiscent of an old jazz album on vinyl yet technically state-of-the-art. The orchestra, the big band, the rhythm section as well as the soloists were recorded at the Volkshaus Studio Basel with, for the greater part, historical microphones from our collection. Thus came about a sound timbre, parchment-like and lush, hardly deemed possible in this day and age. This production was presented at the latest Tonmeistertagung 2012 by Daniel Dettwiler and met with great approval. 
Awards: Jasmin Tabatabai received the ECHO JAZZ in 2012 (the best singer National) for this production.
Trade presse: Musikproduktion Deluxe (Interview with Daniel imin the Recording Magazin)

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Robert Lakatos - several productions

We made two CD productions for the exceptional pianist Robert Lakatos, which both meet the highest possible sound requirements. The CD “Never let me go” was even awarded the “Silver Award” for “particularly good sound” by the “Jazz critique Magazine”.

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Rusconi - several CD Productions

Rusconi is a trio that creates modern jazz at its best. Three of their albums were realized in cooperation with us. The work of art “it’s a sonic life” is based on adaptations from “Sonic Youth” works by Pipilotti Rist and David Clavadetscher. For every one of the three albums an individual sound concept was developed: “Stop & Go” was recorded in an old radio studio with all the musicians in one room. For “One Up Down Left Right“ We chose a very spatial recording in the Volkshaus Studio in Basel. “It’s a Sonic Youth” was after all supposed to sound exactly opposite to normal recordings, that is very dry and powerful.

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Tobias Preisig – Drifting

We particularly enjoyed the mixing of the new CD by Tobias Preisig, simply because the music had to have special style of sound which we first had to find and create.
Mix: Idee und Klang, Daniel Dettwiler

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Paolo Torsen Nagel – And On

The young guitarist, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel, would accept no compromises with his remarkable debut album and gathered together a number of brilliant musicians, who interpreted his poetic and exciting compositions with much love. Among the guest artists was Grammy-award winner Johannes Enders, and also the renowned trumpet player, Matthieu Michel. The guideline was, to aim at a fantastically great range of spatial layering. On these grounds, recordings took place at the Volkshaus Studio Basel, for this hall’s fantastic acoustics combined with the sound of the historical microphones from our collection, is exactly what is required of truly good-sounding jazz.

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Hans Feigenwinter | Zinc - Whim Of Fate

Our requirement was to fuse together the instruments grand piano, saxophone and trombone and create a perfect balance between the sound and the location. To achieve this aim we experimented at the sound check and figured out an unusual setting – the grand piano without a lid and the brass section at the end of the grand piano, they more or less played into the grand piano. The trio was recorded as a group by the main microphones 2 M49 over the grand piano without the lid. We mixed and mastered it analogue on the A80 tape machine.

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The World Quintet feat. the London Mozart Players

The World Quintet project of the Klezmer Band Kolsimcha was one of our first big projects. The recordings of the orchestra took place in the legendary Abbey Road Studios and the band was recorded in Radio Studio 2 in Zurich and in the Gum Studios in Belgium.

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David Klein Quintet – My Marilyn

A beautiful tribute to Marilyn Monroe. David Klein has rearranged and recorded her songs with the help of the impressive musicians Mulgrew Miller - piano, Ira Coleman - bass, Marcello Pellitteri - drums, Miriam Klein - vocals. David himself played the saxophone. The CD was the first jazz CD Daniel Dettwiler mixed after finishing his studies and is still referred to today.

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Jean-Paul Brodbeck - Songs Of Tchaikowski

We were able to make the following productions for the extraordinary pianist Jean-Paul from Zurich:
-Song of Tchaikovsky
-Brodbeck's Playground - Mood Hunter

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Elina Duni - several productions

We were able to produce the CDs “Baresha” and “Lume, Lume” for Elina Duni (currently signed by ECM). Her extremely moving voice is supported by the band in a good and harmonious, very interesting way.

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Martin Lechner – Gentlemen Are Hard To Find: The Music Of Nat King Cole.

Gentlemen Are Hard To Find: The Music Of Nat King Cole. Martin Lechner is a very talented singer from Germany with a fantastic voice which he uses naturally, it´s almost as if he hasn’t done anything else his whole life but sing. Although he only started to sing a few years ago and only for fun his voice is fresh, modest and relaxed. He is an exceptional musician who can also be described as a natural born-talent. His pleasant and laid-back character is the reason his music is able to breathe which reminds you of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra or Marvin Gaye. His voice´s timbre, his phrasing and his talent in interpretation are so impressive that we can really look forward to his first CD.

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Johannes Maikranz Sextett 6/1

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Minua – Still Light

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Wolfgang Muthspiel und Aydin Esen – Dialogo

The two exceptional musicians created a fantastic live music moment in our studio. We recorded the grand piano and the guitars as you would in the past, straightforward and directly. The result is worth listening to!

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Pierre Favre Ensemble – Fleuve

For this ECM production a breathtaking sound was very important to the exceptional drummer Pierre Favre – and we only used four microphones to record everything on his huge set. We recorded the music of Pierre at the Volkshaus Studio Basel and didn't separate the seven instruments acoustically. That way we achieved a nice sound that merges perfectly.

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Adrian Mears - New Orleans Hardbop

"Between two worlds" consists of the 60 minute composition “der Totentanz von Bern”, played by the Berner Unichor consisting of 60 people, as well as the chamber orchestra and a jazz ensemble. There are 2 bonus tracks from “Between two worlds”, a suite for the didgeridoo as well as the chamber orchestra of the German Chamber Academy of Neuss and a jazz trio. 
Credits: Totentanz von Bern, Robert Koller: Baritone, Lisette Spinnler: Jazz-Vocals, Adrian Mears: Trombone, Collon Vallon: Piano, Bänz Oester: Bass, Matthias Heep: Leader, Kammerorchester ad hoc, Special guests Akiko Hasegawa, Altin Tafilaj, The choir of the University of Bern, Recorded live at the Franziskaner Church Bern and at the Peterskirche, Basel, Switzerland 13th & 15th of June, 2006. Mixed & mastered at Idee und Klang studios, Basel. Soundengineer; Daniel Dettwiler. Second engineer on recording; Moriz Wetter. Assistant engineers on recording; Hannes Kumke and michael brändli.

Lisette Spinnler – Siavaloma

She is a great singer and it was a fantastic production! For this sound we focused on a large location to record all of the instruments and the singing at the same time in the big hall of the Volkshaus Studio Basel. Of course we used our historic microphones to achieve the sound we wanted.

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Jenny Chi – Nosso Mar

The third album “Nosso Mar” from Jenny Chi is the outcome of her musical trips to Brazil and her devotion for Bossa Nova for many years – And it is her own style: Jenny Chi arranged the music and wrote the lyrics in Portuguese for about half of the compositions herself. Thus the rhythm and harmonies of the songs don't exactly suit the pure style of Bossa, these self-composed songs are still characteristic for the Bossa Nova and its vulnerable melancholy – simple, emotional and poetic.

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Nils Wogram's Nostalgia – Affinity

We were able to record the album for the well-known trombonist Nils Wogram. This is jazz at its best!

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Nik Bärtsch - Live at Piano di Primo

A concert in a barn – this is what you get in Allschwill on the CD “Piano di Primo”. For this project the “Idee und Klang” studio acted as the sponsor and recorded many of these special concerts with high quality. Besides Nik Bärtsch we recorded among other musicians Hans Feigenwinter, Stefan Rusconi and many more.

Michal Jäger Kerouac meets Greg Osby & Philipp Schafelberger

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Reto Suhner - several productions

We were in charge of the CD productions “Colors“ and “Run” for the saxophonist Reto Suhner.

Andi Scherrer - Remember Mal Wardron

Strings & Rumba "Live together"

The Stephan Kurmann Strings play with the Los Munequitos de Matanzas. We were in charge of the live recordings from the concerts, as well as the mixing and mastering. Label: Divox

Three Trios - Peter Frei

A beautiful CD all about the bassist Peter Frei, supported by Colin Vallon, Michael Zisman, Rafael Schilt and Dominic Egli.

Stefano Saccon feat. Flavio Boltro - Notte

Joe Haider Double Quartet - Mysterious

Donat Fisch - Lappland

With Andy Scherrer, Bänz Oester, Norbert Pfammantter

Dejan Terzic - Melanoia

With Hayden Chisholm, Achim Kaufmann, Ronny Graupe, Label: Enja

Kolsimcha – The Music From Tevye

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Markus Gottschlich - Of Places between

The pianist Markus Gottschlich accomplished a very diverse CD with great musicians in Miami. Among other musicians Federico Britos (violin) and JJ Freire (percussion) play on this CD.