Idee und Klang Studio's technological heart is the lavish control room, bringing together all acoustic threads of a project. Here, analogue and digital technology is interwoven and linked in a unique manner in order to enable mixes at the highest level. In 2015 we have installed the legendary CADAC G Console, that was built in the 70ies for „Scorpio Sound Studios“ in London. Freddie Mercury and Supertramp, among many others, already sat in front of this legendary desk and produced many hit-records. Accurate acoustics and exquisite mastering monitors by Strauss Elektroakustik enable a perfect judgement as well as a tonal space design. A selection of upscale reverb units and various other toys, such as the so-called Beatles machine, and also a tape recorder boasting valve technology, round out the options. Or, in other words: just like a concert pianist's playing comes into its own on an exquisite concert grand, the tonmeister, too, is in need of an instrument which enables him to create a masterful acoustic pattern - for this purpose the Idee und Klang control room has been created.

Due to the excellent acoustics, the control room is also increasingly used as a recording room. But that's not what we actually built it for. We always aim to have the music recorded in a appropriate sound room - and that's why you won't find any specific recording rooms at our place. We record our productions in great venues, often at Air Studio Lyndhurst Hall, Abbey Road Studio or Teldex Studio Berlin. Yet with our mobile equipment we are at home virtually anywhere.