Sound Scenography | Klangszenografie

The Art of Designing Sound for Spaces

On the occasion of the 15-year anniversary of Idee und Klang Audio Design, we’ve created a publication that discusses how spaces and environments are staged by using sound. As a discipline that developed out of scenography and exhibition design, sound scenography is used primarily in exhibition settings such as museums and media installations, although it also finds an application in stores, theme parks and lobbies.

Numerous project descriptions and personal testimonials shed light on the skill of our collective and our work in the field of audio creation. Additionally, established experts in the theory and practice of sound contribute essays and interviews that illuminate individual aspects of the subject. Throughout the book, there is a great number of audio examples, which can be accessed via QR codes, giving it a palpable auditory dimension.

"Sound Scenography – The Art of Designing Sound for Spaces” was published by av edition in 2021.


«In their book, the members of the Idee und Klang team describe the various aspects of the theme of sound and space.» - Formfaktor

«32 sound pearls from all over the world seduce to a journey into the universe of the auditory.» - Museumszeitschrift

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Book information: 
288 pages, hard cover
133 images
19x26,5cm / ISBN 978-3-89986-340-6
EUR 69.00 / CHF 75.00 incl. VAT plus shipping costs
German and English bilingual edition
Year of publication: 2021