Sounds Unlimited is a series of events where musical pearls and worthwhile gems from the world of sound design, or exciting audio drama productions and new audio technologies are presented. The event usually takes place in Idee und Klang Audio Design's premises.


Idee und Klang Audio Design, Gundeldinger Feld / Halle 2, Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel, Switzerland. +41 61 331 57 35. The event is free of charge. The number of places is limited, so please register briefly at soundsunlimited@ideeundklang.notexisting@nodomain.comcom

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Upcoming events:

Here we provide information about upcoming events in the Sounds Unlimited series.

Sounds Unlimited 58: Becoming Amphibians

Sounds Unlimited 58: Becoming Amphibians

April 16th 2024, 7 p.m.

As a co-event together with the Swiss Society of Acoustic Ecology (SSAE), we will leave our studio for once and walk to the nature reserve in Allschwil Forest, where we will listen to the spring soundscape of the biotopes there. In this extraordinary place, you are literally surrounded by the various species of frogs and toads - but birds and insects also come into their own in this slightly echoing basin (listen to Episode 25 from the podcast fleeting sounds).

We will be accompanied by Ramon De Marco and Rahel Kraft, who will immerse us in the place with listening invitations and interactions. There will be time to chat and enjoy warm drinks around the campfire afterwards.

Bring along: Clothing suitable for the weather, provisions, drinking mug and optional field recording equipment (in case of bad weather we will meet in a dry place afterwards)

Meeting point: Tram terminus Neuweilerstrasse Basel, 7 p.m.

Previous events:

Sounds Unlimited 57 / 07.12.2023
UMVA! Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman

Sounds Unlimited 56 / 06.09.2023
Vortex - Cities and Memories Rana Eid

Sounds Unlimited 55 / 14.12.2022
Wind, water, soil & art Florian Dombois

Sounds Unlimited 54 / 18.08.2022
Dusk Chorus David Monacchi (film screening)

Sounds Unlimited 53 / 23.03.2022
Seilbahnklang Prof. Michel Roth

Sounds Unlimited 52 / 27.01.2022
Binaural Audio for Augmented Reality on mobile devices Thomas Resch

Sounds Unlimited 51 / 17.11.2021
Vorderglärnisch. Mountain Portrait - Tape Reading Claudio Landolt

Sounds Unlimited 50 / 16.06.2021
Soundscenography - The Art of Designing Sound for Spaces Simon Hauswirth, Ramon De Marco

Sounds Unlimited 49 / 18.02.2020
The Filmscore of "Jagtzeit* Michael Künstle

Sounds Unlimited 48 / 26.08.2020
Machines Sonores Cod.Act

Sounds Unlimited 47 / 18.02.2020
Melting Landscapes Ludwig Berger

Sounds Unlimited 46 / 4.11.2019
[mhm] Malu Peeters, Eva G. Alonso

Sounds Unlimited 45 / 20.08.2019
Sound for Architecture - on the example of the National Museum of Qatar Robi Hersberger, Gabriel Hauser, Simon Hauswirth, Ramon De Marco, Frederic Robinson

Sounds Unlimited 44 / 11.06.2019
Sounds of trees and soils Marcus Maeder

Sounds Unlimited 43 / 29.5.2019
My radio sounds – out of the toy chest of a feature author Bettina Mittelstraß

Sounds Unlimited XLII
The Flux:: SPAT Revolution: A creative tool for spatial audio Gael Martinet 

Sounds Unlimited XLI
A binaural trip to the unknown Stratis Skandalakis

Sounds Unlimited XL
A workshop talk about a secret multichannel ArtFilm project Christophe Cheysson

Sounds Unlimited XXXIX
an acoustical tasting, part two: electroacoustics & wine Daniel Teige, Ramon De Marco

Sounds Unlimited XXXVIII
Between Air and Electricity – Microphones and Loudspeakers as Musical Instruments Cathy van Eck

Sounds Unlimited XXXVII
Stories crafted from SOUND Jim Metzner

Unlimited XXXVI
(Co-event with 'Musik und Mensch' FHNW)
Musik & Mensch: Vielfalt der Sinne / multisensorisches Design / Synästhesie Michael Haverkamp

Sounds Unlimited XXXV
Watching HEIDI Niki Reiser

Sounds Unlimited XXXIII
Games in Concert – a research project of ICSTOlav Levrik 

Sounds Unlimited XXXII
Sounds of the Future – auralization in the environmental acoustics Reto Pieren, EMPA

Sounds Unlimited XXXII
Acoustics – from the studio to the stadium Dirk Noy (WSDG)

Sounds Unlimited XXXI
Motion Control in Electronic Instrument Design Frederic Robinson

Sounds Unlimited XXX
KLANG LEBEN, A Radio Feature  Valerie Quade

Sounds Unlimited XXIV
ARE YOU PREPARED? How a Steinway turns into an electronic orchestra Ephrem Lüchinger (Producer und Pianist)

Sounds Unlimited XXVIII
An acoustical tasting, part one: elecotroacoustics & wine Ramon De Marco und Daniel Teige

Sounds Unlimited XXVII
Phase response in the field of audio engineering and acoustics. An introduction. Christian Frick (rocket science GmbH, Zürich)

Sounds Unlimited XXVI
Zwischen Klangkunst und Klangökologie - über die Vermittlung des Hörens Joanna Zjadecz

Sounds Unlimited XXIV
3D Audio - Künstlerische und technische Aspekte drei-dimensionaler Aufnahmen Lars Dölle, ICST

Sounds Unlimited XXIII
Live-Elektronik von Simplizität zu Komplexität anhand zeitgenössischer Werke  von L. Nono und B. Ferneyhough Reinhold Braig

Sounds Unlimited XXII
Die symbiotische Beziehung von Klang und Raum Ramon De Marco

Sounds Unlimited XXI         
Oloid - Parallelen im klingenden Kullerobjekt Christian Zehnder, Gregor Hilbe 

Sounds Unlimited XX 
5.1 Hörspielproduktion 'Lost in Navigation' Basil Kneubühler, Mark Ginzler

Sounds Unlimited XIX 
15 Corners of the world - Dokumentarfilm Manu Gerber

Sounds Unlimited XVIII 
Vom Klangturm zum Klanggarten - Echoräume und Schallmauern Andres Bosshard

Sounds Unlimited XVII 
Musikinterfaces von Morgen Robert Torche

Sounds Unlimited XVI 
Schönheit im Klang II - Analoge gegen digitale Tontechnik: Resultate! Daniel Dettwiler

Sounds Unlimited XV 
Das Radio-Feature - was ist das? Aldo Gardini

Sounds Unlimited XIV
Aufnahmen mit Kolsimcha und dem London Symphony Orchestra Daniel Dettwiler

Sounds Unlimited XIII
Beyond Exa - Akusmatische Performance für 13 Lautsprecher Michael Baumann

Sounds Unlimited XII
Der Elektrobarde - Ein 13-Kanal Hörspiel nach Stanislaw Lem Martin Bezzola

Sounds Unlimited XI
"Die Bilder im Kopf" Peter Philippe Weiss

Sounds Unlimited X
Pauke und Trommel im Festsaal - Joseph Haydns Symphonien Jürgen Strauss (SE GmbH)

Sounds Unlimited IX
Sound Design für Computerspiele und interaktive Alltagsgegenstände Daniel Hug (Hear Me Interact)

Sounds Unlimited VIII
Schönheit im Klang - Perlen aus 80 Jahren Aufnahmetechnik Daniel Dettwiler

Sounds Unlimited VII
„Lost in Space“ -  Akustik, Klang und Architektur Martin Lachmann

Sounds Unlimited VI
Raum als Parameter in der Musik Beat Gysin

Sounds Unlimited V
Elektronische Musik Hören - historische Mehrkanal-Kompositionen der Elektroakustik Daniel Teige

Sounds Unlimited IV
Preview vom Film 'Das Blaue vom Himmel' Niki Reiser

Sounds Unlimited III
Iannis Xenakis Polytope und andere elektronische Strömungen Daniel Teige

Sounds Unlimited II
Einführung in die Instruments von VSL Vienna Zweistündiger Workshop für Musikinteressierte

Sounds Unlimited I
"20000 Meilen unter den Meeren" Jules Vernes 



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