Simulated Reality

Immersive 3D-Audio allows an acoustic all-round view for the ear.

The Sound of Silence

Soundmasking as a means for the acoustic design of problematic spaces.

Touch the Sound

Tactile sound design makes sound and music tangible.

Complexity of Soundscapes

3D field recordings allow detailed spatial recording and the preservation of soundscapes.

Interactive Audio Environments

Generative and interactive sound puts the visitor into the center of the action.

The Taste of Sound

Research on the symbiosis of sound and taste as an acoustic pleasure of the palate.

Orchestrated Sound

Akusmatic orchestration transforms architecture into an instrument of sound.

A Sound Chandelier

The Sound Chandelier as a means for the projection of sound events.

Second Layer SoundWalk

An additional layer of sound injects new life into exiting exhibitions.