Left to right: Simon Hauswirt, Gabriela De Marco, Jasha Dormann, Ramon De Marco, Kaj Schlicht und Julia Büchel

Idee und Klang Audio Design is a team of composers, sound designers and technologists. We use sound and music to create breathtaking sound environments that immerse listeners in artistic, historical, or commercial contexts. Our work brings life to ambitious media installations, exhibitions and brand facilities across the globe, such as the National Museum of Qatar, the BMW Museum in Munich and the Imperial War Museum in London. We believe that a thoughtful integration of any sound into its designated space is the key aspect to great sounding environments. 

A good portion of curiosity and thirst for knowledge motivates us to learn something new every day. We apply our accumulated expertise and the results of our research in various projects, but also pass on our knowledge in the form of lectures, workshops and events such as 'Sounds Unlimited'.

Years of experience at the intersection of sound art, spatial audio, interaction design and acoustics enable us to design and realize extraordinary spatial sound experiences, be it in a throne room (Ludwigslust), a bunker (Sasso San Gottardo) a virtual environment (Sounds of Silence) or in the kalahari desert (!Khwattu).

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Ramon De Marco

Owner / Sound Scenographer
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Simon Hauswirth

Audio Designer / Project Manager
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Jascha Dormann

Audio Designer / Project Manager
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Jan Sutter

Steve Valentin

Nicola Mišić

Denim Szram

Reinhold Braig

Lorenz Fischer

Alex Melia

Cedric Spindler

Benjamin Gut

Frederic Robinson