Holistic Sound Scenography

Our way to immersive sound in the room

What may become a reality if we think about sound from the very beginning? The answer would be: a new, comprehensive immersive experience of sound in the room. Decisive for the development of the Holistic Sound Scenography concept was our labour at the exhibition 'Sounds of Silence' at the Museum of Communication in Bern, Switzerland, which was nominated for the BrandEx Award  winner of the International Sound Award 2019, as well as our longstanding experience co-creating new museum and exhibition areas. Our most comprehensive project in this regard – Integrative Audio Consulting for the National Museum of Qatar – opened in March 2019.

15 years of international experience in sound design, consulting and exhibition co-creation, has helped us to establish our very own design process: Holistic Sound Scenography, i.e. sound scenography combined with Integrative Audio Consulting.

Holistic Sound Scenography is our integral approach to plan, interleave and implement sound scenography, storytelling formats and audio technology as well as spatial realisation.

Sound relates much more than people consciously perceive
Sound scenography fills the role of the ever-present storyteller in the room. It penetrates the listener with its sonority, voices, sounds, with its silence, its stillness as well as its noise, and makes the room's disposition become vibrant. If we fail to work with it in a conscious manner, we leave much of a room's impact to chance.

It is our goal to implement and control the knowledge about the effect of sound in the room, which becomes inflamed within the inner experience of every human being, in a project's development process already. This implies elaborating an idea for an exhibition and implementing it at the best, from its very inception to the final execution – from the perspective of sound scenography, i.e. the experience of sound in space. Beginning with the rooms' acoustic specifications, the basic concept for the sound, the technical planning up to the actual sound production and the final implementation. Thereby, our team become an interface between exhibition designers, media planners, architects, and the museum itself.

Why Holistic Sound Scenography?
'If sound enters into space, everybody is listening' – with Holistic Sound Scenography, we ensure that content-related and technical aspects are planned hand in hand, and that the sound quality is guaranteed throughout the process. Hence, for instance, we prevent audio technology from being planned or written down prior to the establishment of an idea of the sound in the room. In this way, we enable a targetted use of technology which is perfectly attuned to the desired effect of the sound content in the room. Room-specific challenges are also identified and included right from the start.

Seven Steps to Holistic Sound Scenography

Integrative Audio Consulting 
(Conception and planning phase)

  1. Initial draft:  What is the exhibition, the room, the museum about, and what can be done with sound?
  2. Acoustic concept: What requirements does the exhibition need and what does the building offer?
  3. Technical Planning: How is the sound optimally projected into the room or played back by the media installations?

Sound Scenography 
(Implementation and realization phase)

  1. Detailed concept: When, where, what sounds with which dramaturgy and interaction?
  2. Production at the studio:  Composition and recording noises, sounds and instruments
  3. Mixdown on site: Optimal adaptation of the studio production to the exhibition space
  4. Maintenance abd documentation