Idee und Klang Audio Design is located in Gundeldingerfeld in Basel, a former industrial area of the machine factory Sulzer Burckhardt AG. The studio is both a creative centre and a high-end sound forge. From a total of 15 years of international experience in the field of sound scenography, we have conceived our own processes to create spatial sounds. In recent years, for example, the AROS  (Acousmatic Space Orchestration System) has been developed.

With our 31-channel, flexibly configurable sound dome, installed since summer 2016, we are now able realise productions for highly complex loudspeaker configurations and, of course, to work with the latest formats. This makes us one of the 150 Leading Studios of the World that are able to produce in the Auro-3D format.

At Idee und Klang Studio we have the opportunity to realise recordings of music, speech and sounds at the highest technical and aesthetic level. Furthermore, we own a Schoeps 3D ORTF microphone set, which we use for three-dimensional fieldrecordings and which we also rent out for this kind of purpose. Find more information about the rental here.