A Chandelier of Sound

Atmospheric projector for architectural spaces

The Klangleuchter is, in a way, a holographic sound projector. Reminiscent of the Kronleuchter (the German word for chandelier) it is an object that can be mounted on the ceiling of any room. All it takes to run is a regular power connection and a WiFi network. By means of dedicated DSP technology, the Klangleuchter „projects“ multiple moving sound waves on the walls of the room, each of them extremely directional. This creates the impression that sounds are coming from all sides. The Klangleuchter provides a conscious, space-filling auditive atmosphere - with no need for elaborate cabling and technical planning.

It is ideally suited for spaces that feel uncomfortably silent or any other space that could profit from a specifically designed sound mood such as hotel lobbies, ticket halls, spa environments, flagship stores or architectural spaces.   

The Klangleuchter is currently in the research and development phase. It has not been used for any projects yet.