Fleeting Sounds

Podcast by Bettina Mittelstraß & Ramon De Marco

«Was there something? Shh! What was there? A sound, a noise, a sound - fleeting, unexpected, touching. Heard casually or listened for. Recorded in pause, archived, commented, presented. Short auditory impressions from the quiet or loud, fascinatingly cheerful, dramatic or playful soundscape of our planet meet equally fleeting thoughts. And so snippets of sound oscillate for a little while with snippets of sentences and create their poetry all their own.»

Bettina Mittelstraß and Ramon De Marco have made a podcast. FLEETING SOUNDS brings together soundscapes gathered all around our planet with poetic extracts. A short moment for the listener to drift away in a parallel universe. Every Tuesday at eight o'clock a new episode will be released; the first episode of FLEETING SOUNDS is now available on all platforms. We're excited for this journey – are you with us?

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