A Symphony of the Elements - a gourmet menu in sound - 2016

Sound Installation

Stefan Wiesner, the so-called 'wizard from Entlebuch', is a culinary artist who was awarded 17 Gault-Millau-Points as well as one Michelin star. His Gasthof Rössli in Escholzmatt (LU) is a land kitchen and an exclusive gourmet restaurant at the same time and its unparalleled natural cuisine is known far beyond the Swiss borders.

For the current autumn menue called ,Nature Speaks', Ramon De Marco has composed a special acoustical overture in terms of a sound installation which welcomes the guests at the beginning of the culinary journey. The acoustical menue is being presented in the form of nine portable loudspeakers which, as some sort of natural orchestra, are bathing the room in an acoustic landscape.
As with the menue itself, both natural elements and tangible sound materials such as wood, metals or stone are called into action, skillfully weaving musical structures together.

Most sound field recordings are self-produced, some originate with other artists of the genre like Stratis Skandalakis or Chris Watson. His are, for instance, the recordings of the so-called pistol shrimps, a crayfish species that destroys their enemies by sound, or icebergs that seem to be screeching while rubbing against each other. There are also solar winds from deep space, or the sound from within the mountain pine, recorded by ETH Zürich.

More about symbiosis of sound and taste here.


Menue: Stefan Wiesner
Artist: Ramon De Marco
Soundfield recordings: Chris Watson, Stratis Skandalakis, Ramon De Marco, ETH Zürich, NASA, Sound Ideas.