Talk to me - Conversational sculptures by Till Velten - 2024

A sound installation in the Zwölfbotenkapelle of the great minster in Zurich, Switzerland

"Talk to me" - with this invitation, the artist Till Velten (* 1961) invites visitors to the great minster into the Zwölfbotenkapelle. It is a place of retreat and devotion. The artist responds with a subtle audio installation. A few steps lead up to the interior of the vaulted room, which allows you to leave the busy outside world behind. You sit down and listen: these are not coherent texts, but sentence fragments. Words that could also apply to us. You sit down, you listen and you look. Your gaze falls on glass formations in oscillating colors - physically present and fragile at the same time. Both the glass sculptures and the garlands of words shimmering through the room have their origins in conversation.



Client: Evangelical Reformed Parish of Zurich
Direction und concept: Till Velten
Multi-channel mixing and audio technology: Idee und Klang Audio Design