Zwitscherkosmos - TonWerk, Lausen - 2017

A Sound-Mobile

The installation "Zwitscherkosmos" presents a mobile with a diameter of 5 meters, which allows eight sound sources to be moved in space. The visitors can lie below the mobile, following the movements of the floating arms and listen to sounds, all of which are derived from the sonic pallete of flying animals, but modified in their temporal dimension. In combination with the subtle arrangement a magical sonic world emerges, exploring the grey area between the realistic and the supernatural. A soundtrack through space and time that sharpens hearing and sight.

Location: TonArt – TonWerk - DieZweite, Lausen 9. September bis 1. Oktober 2017

Find more information about the orchestration of loudspeakers here


Concept: Matthias Bosshard, Ramon De Marco
Music: Ramon De Marco
Assistance: Vien-Ha Nguyen, Janis Ahnert, Matthias Ebinger, Thomas Lützelschwab, Markus Ryser
Photos: Maria Patzschke