Dialogs - Centre Pompidou, Paris - 2005

An audiovisual Installation

Dialogs represents a hypothetical conversation between a man and a woman inside a museum.
Each participant’s point of view is represented by a luminous display composed of a series of interlocking, fragmented panels that explode within the space dilating perspective. To understand the two different points of view, visitors must position themselves in a precise point in front of the display, whose panels are composed of consecutive letters and therefore words and phrases that express the opinion of the character. Every display is also connected to an audio system that exaggerates the characteristics of distortion and incomprehension of the dialog between the couple.


Kunstmuseum Basel, Januar 2005
Experimentadesign Lissabon, Oktober 2005
Centre Pompidou Paris, Oktober 2006


Concept: Francesco Meneghini, Ramon De Marco
3D Design: Pedro Ferreira