more moor - Klang-Moor-Schopfe 2019

3D-Sound Installation

Klang Moor Schopfe: The audio festival makes contemporary sound art come alive. The second edition brought to Gais (Switzerland) installations with reference to both situation and location by national and international artists, sound tinkerers and musicians. The hill moor with its marsh meadows forms the spatial and acoustic point of departure: eleven barns, once used for agriculture and within a perimeter of 500 meters, plus the Schützenhaus (clubhouse) are turned to good account by the artists and their sound installations.

In the installation 'more moor' by Ramon De Marco, three-dimensional field recordings from the environment are skillfully interwoven by means of temporal and spectral manipulations, to the point that a continual transformation of states is occurring. The focus is both on places and situations of silence and also of noise – for silence is always relative. People are unable to experience it in its absolute form. Where there is silence, there is always sound, too.

Visitors to the installation 'more moore' may immerse themselves in the beauty and fragility of a world they otherwise experience mainly through their eyes. The focus on what is heard gives rise to inner images, and stimulates reflection on the noise pollution of our environment.

Location: Klang-Moor-Schopfe Audio Festival in Gais (CH), 30.8 - 8.9.2019
Listen to a radio report "Es klappert im Schopf" on Radio SRF Kultur.


Artist: Ramon De Marco
Assistant: Steve Valentin