Lange Nacht - Rathaus Zürich - 2016

Light- and Sound installation

For the 'Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen' on September 3, 2016 and in collaboration with Serge Schmuki of tokyoblue and Uwe Lützen of Sprachwandler, we designed a sound and light installation for three rooms at the Rathaus Zürich. Here, sound and light are interpreting political everyday life in historical rooms in a subtle way. Music and sound are utilised as a universal language in order to bring forth the presence of people working at the Rathaus. Thus, some instrumental polyphony is interpreting the several voices of the council between lively debate and political consensus. The council hall is filled with floating frequencies modulating one another, in conjunction with ever-changing lighting moods, whereby the political ritual becomes sensually tangible as an acoustic echo.


Client: Kantons- und Gemeinderat der Stadt Zürich 
Lights: Serge Schmuki, tokyoblue
Scenography: Uwe Lützen, Sprachwandler
Musicians: Luke Wilkins (violin), Marina Tantanozi (flute), Roberto Maqueda (percussion), Sylvain Haenen (e-guitar)