Klangweg - 2024

Klangwelt Toggenburg

Klangweg is the flagship of Klangwelt Toggenburg. Over the past 20 years, up to 50,000 people a year have visited the unique themed trail at the foot of the Churfirsten. Now the sound trail has been renewed and revised. The most beautiful and important works on the existing trail have been carefully restored. There are over 15 new works of sound art to discover. In addition to refreshing the ‘Classic Edition’, the sound trail has been enriched with twelve installations by well-known sound artists. We were responsible for the sound scenography of the sound trail and for curating the new sound art.

Klangweg Toggenburg was reopened on 18 May 2024 with a brilliant sound festival. This was a long-term and heartfelt project together with Klangwelt Toggenburg and we are more than happy that it has finally opened its doors to the world!

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Client: Klangwelt Toggenburg
Curation: Idee und Klang Audio Design & Christian Zehnder
Scenography: Frank Dittmann
Graphics: Markus Kraft
Texts: Bettina Mittelstraß

Art installations:
Florian Dombois (D/CH)
Fritz Hauser (CH) & Domenice Melchiorre (CH)
Frédéric Laffont (FR)
Ludwig Berger (CH) & Lara Mehling (CH)
Marco Barotti (IT)
Marcus Maeder (CH)
Michel Roth (CH)
Mélia Roger (CH/FR)
Paul Fuchs (DE)
Peter Ablinger (AT)
Simon Hauswirth (CH)
Thomas Weiss (CH)