Mythos Samurai - Collection of Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller

Bernisches Historisches Museum

We composed three soundscapes for the Mythos Samurai exhibition at the Bern Historical Museum, which opened in November. The exhibition centers around objects on loan from the renowned private collection of Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller in Dallas (USA). The exhibits illustrate the history of the Samurai with a specific focus on their armor and weaponry, which reflect the social, military, and artistic developments of their time. It offers insights into a fascinating culture spanning the early days of the warriors through the eventful reign of the military nobility to the way the Samurai are portrayed in today's popular culture.


Scenography: Atelier Schubert
Client: Bernisches Historisches Museum
Nimaitachidō tōsei gusoku armor, Attributed: Myōchin Yoshimichi (helmet bowl); Myōchin Munenori (armor) Muromachi period, ca. 1400 (helmet bowl); mid Edo period, 18th century (armor) Iron, shakudō, lacing, silver, wood, gold, brocade, fur, bronze, brass, leather
© The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum, Dallas / Photo: Brad Flowers