Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum

Audio scenography for QOSM

We had the opportunity to design the audio scenography for the Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum. We implemented the onsite mix of our multi-channel soundscapes, including a generative soundscape in the museum's entrance hall.

Visitors are led into the reception gallery via the "Access Ramp", accompanied by a driving, musical soundscape, to set the mood for the experience. The sound of the entrance space is characterized by a generative soundscape in that combines creative sound design interpretations of various sports-related sounds with instrumental musical elements. The individual elements are constantly recombined, mixed and distributed in the space by the generative control.

Gallery E3's soundscape "Flame" first continues the historical theme of the previous gallery before focusing on the human element and the participation of the visitors themselves. The central element of this gallery are the Olympic torches, which we have designed with a calm and at the same time powerful sound composition. Wave-like orchestral multiphonics, mix with processed sounds of flames.

In the E4 gallery, the visitors pass through a corridor with 22 stations with no less than 91 loudspeakers, in which the various Olympic sports are presented. The function of the sound is to inform the listeners and at the same time to immerse them in the sound world of the corresponding sports. The soundscape over the entire gallery is therefore very rich, detailed and differentiated. The sounds of the sports are not only didactic but also stylized and rhythmically composed.


Client: Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum
Audio installation: Techno Q
Museography: Acciona Cultura & UCC
Photos: Qatar Museums