The Königsweg - 2018

Emmental show dairy Affolter i.E.

At the Emmental show dairy in Affoltern i.E., Idee und Klang made music and sound design for the new multimedia show "Der Königsweg” for exhibition designer Steiner Sarnen.  “in collaboration” können wir nicht wirklich sagen. wir haben’s “für” Steiern Sarnen gemacht.

In the basement of the cheese dairy, visitors are taken on an exciting, entertaining and informative journey. The immersive sound design guides visitors through the history and production of Emmental cheese over a total of eight rooms. 

Through a musical mixture of traditional Swiss folk music, modern film music and even a dairy-themed rap, the various episodes on the Königsweg are accompanied by a healthy dose of humour.

With Jürg Luchsinger we could win an outstanding accordionist for the project, who interpreted and recorded the accordion parts with a keen musical sense and a wonderful timbre.


Scenography and conception: Steiner Sarnen Schweiz AG
Lichtdesign: Tokyo blue
Accordion: Jörg Luchsender
Regie: Christian Knecht
Photos: Steiner Sarnen Switzerland AG