A Sound Collage - 2016

Swiss Alpine Museum

The exhibition "The Enlargement of the Pupils on Reaching the High Mountains" of the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern is showing a hundred feature films, cartoons, and short films from the last hundred years in the form of a daring collage with an entirely new plot. The collage is placed in ten rooms and is therefore, a new walk-in mountain-movie. Idee und Klang Audio Design created the Audio Design. Out of old film sequences a sound collage was created, which is in harmony with the film collage. Sounds were mixed and edited and the film sound was arranged in space.


Client: Alpines Museum der Schweiz
Storyline & Dramaturgy: Antoine Jaccoud
Scenography: Philipp Clemenz
Photos: © Alpines Museum der Schweiz, David Schweizer