Autowerk - Portal to Production - 2014

Human Sound Design

The new permanent exhibition at Autostadt Wolfsburg's KonzernForum for the first time offers an overall survey of each and every production stage of Volkswagen concern's vehicle manufacture. At the center of the 260 square meter exhibition area, there are seven cutaway models depicting the separate production stages, from the pressing plant to quality control. Affiliated to the models is a film of roughly six minutes called 'Virtual Plant Tour'. It features recordings of real production sites and thus conveys an authentic plant atmosphere.
For this film's soundtrack, Idee und Klang Audio Design pursued a unique approach. The complete sound design and most of the musical elements were consistently fashioned from vocal fragments by vocal artist Christian Zehnder. Further sounds by percussionist Thomas Weiss were recorded during an improvisational session at a metal workshop. In this manner, an offbeat opus was created that comes across as stunningly human, despite its industrial nature.


Client: jangled nerves 
Voice: Christian Zehnder
Percussion: Thomas Weiss
Doublebass: Kaspar Von Grünigen


››› DDC 2015 - Silver award in the category 'Space / Architecture'