First World War Galleries - 2014

Imperial War Museum London

In June 2013 Idee und Klang Audio Design won the international contest for the audio design of a new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London. Centre stage at the reopening are the ‘First World War Galleries’ which have been fundamentally redesigned. The task consisted of both the creation of an integral audio concept for the whole exhibition, and also the realisation of content for both various subject areas and individual interactive stations. Here, too, an innovative sound masking approach was applied in order to make the entire exhibition acoustically coherent.

The museum is subdivided into segments adjacent to one another, addressing different aspects of the First World War. Each section features multi-channel sound sculptures which consist to a great extent of specific and historical sounds - making the war and its circumstances come alive for the visitor.

More about sound masking here.
More about immersive audio here.


Scenography: Casson Mann
Visual Design: ISO, Squint/OperaGuy Holbrow
Photos: © Imperial War Museum


››› Museums and Heritage Awards 2015 - Best Permanent Exhibition
››› AV Award 2015 - Entertainment Project of the Year
››› Design Week Awards 2015 - Winner of Exhibition Design