Emmi Kaltbach - 2016

Kaltbach Höhle, Switzerland

For our colleagues at iart we created the sound and music of two large-scale projection films for Emmi’s visitor centre in the Kaltbach sandstone cave. The centre contains a series of media installations - some located in the actual cave itself - that immerse visitors in the world of traditional cheese making.

The two films each feature a different protagonist that explains his role in the production: a cheesemaker who oversees the creation process and a geologist who explains the history of the Kaltbach cave, from its original discovery to its current use as a space, where the cheeses mature over several years. One of the movies is projected inside the cave onto 17 metres of moist cave wall. We created multi-channel sound design and music for the films, embedding the protagonists' narrations in a mix of water droplets, alphorn solos, tectonic plate movement, cowbells, TNT, glaciers and re-imagined traditional Swiss folk music. 


Client: iart