How does history sound? - 2019

Basel, in the years 820-1500: The crypt under the Minster's crossing

On behalf of the crypt below the crossing of Basel Minster we created an immersive sound design, documenting the history of this long forgotten sacred space, commissioned by jangled nerves

The room opens up to visitors over a multi-channel sound system, telling an informative and yet entertaining tale.

A pretty complex sound design has been achieved, featuring a high density of special effects, as well as linguistic and musical elements from the respective eras, all bonding well with atmospheric video prejections by courtesy of jangled nerves. Sound, images and light merge with ancient stones, the remains of religious architecture and relics.

A subtle and minimalistic visual language joins hands with a multi-layered and lush sound design. Natural sounds such as the ringing of bells or the noise of a construction site are contrasted with abstracted special effects, in order to illustrate leaps in time, for instance. Involving musical excerpts, bridges are being built to the tale's respective eras.

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Scenography: jangled nerves
Client: Archäologische Bodenforschung des Kantons Basel-Stadt