Museum of Future Government Services - 2015

Government Summit in Dubai

The 2015 Museum of Future Government Services, a vision of how technology can transform government services for the better, was a three day immersive experience featured at the Government Summit in Dubai. The Museum took visitors on a journey through seven exhibit areas, each of them exploring a different facet of the future possibilities of government.
Idee und Klang had provided the complete audio design concept for the museum as well as the sound content for each exhibit area. In a massive dome for instance, the so-called Learning Lab, visitors were guided through the panorama of a future Mars colony. For this area, Idee and Klang had created a multi-channel ambience and interaction sounds. Fitzania was an exercise game for children: using a sensor-enabled, weighed ball and gaze tracking, the game guided users through agility and strength training exercises. The transition zone between exhibition areas was designed as a street scenery in a future city. Idee und Klang had created a multi-channel ambience in the AROS Format that gave the visitor an idea what Dubai might sound like in the near future.

More about the AROS here.


The 2015 Museum of Future Government Services is a project by the Prime Minister’s Office of the UAE directed by Tellart with an international team of top design studios including Specular, SOFTlab, Bompas & Parr, Octo, Idee und Klang, and Future Cities Catapult. The onsite build and installation was done by Tellart in collaboration with Publicis Live, Neumann & Müller, and Projex.
Photos: © Tellart