700 Years of Morgarten - 2015

Visitor Center Sattel, Switzerland

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the battle at Morgarten, a new information center in Sattel (canton of Schwyz) has opened its gates. It addresses the impact history of the famous battle at Morgarten. Idee und Klang Audio Design has created the tonal component of each section of the exhibition. Among other things, voice talent in four languages were recorded. The recorded voices were then utilized creatively in a variety of ways.

When first arriving at the information center, visitors are faced with a monumental historic depiction of the battle. The closer one gets to the illustration, the more one becomes surrounded by battle cries, shouts of anger and the sound of steel hitting steel. The sound installation enables visitors to acoustically plunge into the site of the battle. On the ground floor, stories, myths and rumors are whispered into the visitor's ears via sound tubes. This part of the exhibition picks up on the fact that very little details about the battle are actually documented and proven. On the upper floor, the secret of the battle at Morgarten is finally lifted. A multitude of projection surfaces symbolizes the large variety of mythical images forming the collective memory of a battle, whose course of events largely remains unknown.  

Opening: May 21 2015


Exhibition design: raumprodukt
Media planing and implementation: iart
Voices: Raphael Clamer, Jean-Luc Wey, Federico Caprara

Photos: © iart