Museum of the Future - 2016

Government Summit in Dubai

As in 2015, the Museum of the Future was also part in this year's World Government Summit in Dubai. The museum took the visitors on a journey across five exhibition areas dealing with influences and possibilities of modern robotics and artificial intelligence on human life.
For this purpose, Idee und Klang Audio Design contributed the sonic content for the entire exhibition. As an example, the inside of an intelligent supercomputer was staged in one area. On a cylindrical LED object in the centre of the room, a visual particle cloud was depicted in real time, which interacted with the visitors. For this area Idee und Klang Audio Design had created a generative sound design tool, which transformed the visual events into an impressive multi-channel ambience. In one area of ​​the exhibition, an avatar was created for relaxation. He conducted the music, which the visitor could experience in a reclining chair as relaxing, rhythmic movements in the form of haptic textures. In another area the visitors were enabled to test products of the future in a virtual world by way of three Oculus Rift headsets. On the whole, more than 80 loudspeakers were installed in the exhibition, which provided a unique spatial sound experience.

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The Museum of the Future at the 2016 World Government Summit is a project by the Dubai Museum of the Future, the Prime Minister's Office of the United Arab Emirates, and the UAE telecommunications giant du. It was led by Mr. Saif Al Aleeli and Dr. Noah Raford, and was directed by the global design firm Tellart, with the support of an international team of top partners including Marshmallow Laser Feast, SOFTlab, Idee und Klang Audio Design, Lust, Octo, Blue Zoo Animation, Fantazm and shtik. The onsite build and installation was done in collaboration with Projex, Neumann Müller, and PublicisLive. Foresight research and workshop facilitation were performed by Scott Smith (Changeist) and Stuart Candy (OCAD). Photography by Silvia Boschiero. Video bei Tellart.