Real to Reel: A Century of War Movies - 2016

Imperial War Museum in London

In July 2016 the Imperial War Museum London opened its latest temporary exhibition ‘Real to Reel: A Century of War Movies’. The exhibition explores how film-makers have found inspiration in compelling personal stories and gripping real events from wars of the past century. Spanning decades and featuring over 200 objects, the exhibition includes items from films such as The Dam Busters, Where Eagles Dare, Apocalypse Now, Battle of Britain, Das Boot, Casablanca, Jarhead, Atonement and War Horse. It offers aunique combination of film clips, costumes, props, scripts, sketches and designs, alongside original archival material and artifacts from IWM's Collections. We have created multichannel soundscapes that lead the visitor through the various production stages of filmmaking, ranging from the bustling atmosphere at the pre-production office to the hectic vibe on the film set and the celebrated premiere of the finished film at the cinema. The soundscapes are created in a collage-like fashion and are intertwined with snippets of the epic soundtracks of some of the most significant war films ever made.


Exhibition design: IWM
AV design and integration: IWM and Electrosonic