Zitadelle Spandau - 2016

Unveiled. Berlin and its monuments

The latest permanent exhibition 'Enthüllt. Berlin und seine Denkmäler' at the Spandau Citadel was opened on April 29, 2016. The show exhibits political monuments which have been shaping Berlin's cityscape since the 18th century  and up to the present day. To this end, Idee und Klang Audio Design produced two multi-channel sound installations in the AROS Format.

Situated in one room, a bench with integrated sculptures from the magnificent boulevard 'Siegesallee', which Wilhelm II once commissioned for Berlin's Tiergarten, has been reconstructed. In this room, a whole summer day of the year 1907 is being imitated acoustically by way of a 26-channel sound installation. The installation is being supported by a lighting choreography throwing wandering shadows onto the bench. The immersive sound composition, where people, carriages, cars and nature sounds join together to form an overall picture, follows the objective to transport the visitor to a different time and place.

The second sound installation is located in a small, high-ceilinged and darkened room, its dimensions seemingly infinite. This room depicts the so-called Ruhmeshalle (Hall of Fame), a gigantomaniac architectural project never realised. The hall was meant to hold up to 180'000 visitors and, as a cult room, was envisaged to spreading National Socialist ideology. The topic of colossal incomprehensibility and the inhuman Nazi ideology is being conveyed by the 22-channel audio installation's abstract composition. Additionally, three 'Earthquake Transducers' which make the floor vibrate ensure further irritation and anxiety.

More about haptic feedback here.


Client: Staab Architekten, Berlin
Audio-Visual Concept: Avissplan, Kremmen
Photos: Idee und Klang