Multi-channel sound design

Forum SNB in Zurich

For an interactive media wall which can be played on either side, Idee und Klang Audio Design on behalf of iart have realised the multi-channel sound design and the music. Visitors are enabled to catch up on the history and tasks of the Central Bank via touchscreens and engage in interactive videos. The media wall's two sides are thematically divided into a world of experience and a world of knowledge. The experience side tells the background information to the design of banknotes, with touching stories the viewer may interact with in a playful way.

For each of these stories, an ambient soundscape consisting of harmoniously coordinated interactive sounds was created. In contrast, the knowledge side depicts a rather informative and analytical insight into the backdrop and processes of the Central Bank. For the acoustic feedback during the operation by the visitors, Idee und Klang Audio Design designed a myriad of customised interactive sounds, which support the visual depiction's language and epitomise the media wall's topic. More about interactive audio design here.


Client: Swiss National Bank (SNB)
Interior design and scenography: EMYL
Media technology: iart
Photographs: © iart 2020