Corporate Sound Architecture - 2019

Neue Aargauer Bank Baden

For the Baden branch of the Neue Aargauer Bank, Bureau Hindermann developed a completely new corporate architecture, which includes an interactive OLED lighting and sound concept: The customers are surrounded by an inspiring world of sound, which embeds the various customer zones in a specific atmospheric setting. The concept differs clearly from a typical background music sound system known from department stores: it is acoustic surround sound architecture, perfectly matched to the brand, material and environment.

Each of the different areas of the customer lobby, from the 24-hour ATM zone to the cash desks and waiting lounge, has its own subtle, atmospheric timbre, which is tailored to the respective purpose. In the entrance area one encounters warm, tonal sounds: the customer feels welcome and can orientate himself. In the counter area, on the other hand, the sound design contains rather noisy sound components to ensure discretion through soundmasking. If one moves through these sound worlds orchestrated in the room, its acoustic perspective changes constantly - it does not sound exactly the same anywhere in the room.

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Customer: Neue Aargauer Bank
Interior design and concept: Buerau Hindermann
Media technology: iart
Photos: Tom Bisig