Temporary Contemporary – 2022

Score & sound design for a dancing film by Oliver Brand

With Temporary Contemporary, director and filmmaker Oliver Brand impressively stages this transience by turning it into a stage for contemporary dancers. In doing so, he creates a moving testimony to the ephemeral nature of places that are in precisely that state only on the day the film is shot.

The powerful, vulnerable and poetic choreographies, which were created under the eyes of choreographer Jonathan Hour, form touching living counterpoints to the static emptiness of the epic, sometimes inhospitable spaces. The music, composed especially for the film, creates a unique mood in each room and gives each dancer their own musical platform. Seemingly effortlessly, the sounds are woven together over the 13 minutes, giving a whole, -despite their individual parts.

The music was composed and designed by Simon Hauswirth and Demian Wyssmann. To be enjoyed Stereo Sound on Vimeo on Demand or 5.1 surround sound in cinemas.


Produced by: Brand Pictures
Head of Choreography: Jonathan Huor
Costume Design: Julia Zangger
Music and Sound Design: Idee und Klang Audio Design


››› Top Shorts Filmfestival 'Best Experimental Film', 2022
››› Top Shorts Filmfestival 'Best Musical/Dance Film', 2022​
››› fiff London, 2022
››› Wild Sound Festival Toronto, 2022