Lüber - 2007

Music for a Documentary Film

Heinrich Lüber is a performance artist. The documentary film ‚Lüber aloft' accompanies him on his travels and portrays his works. His interventions in public space amaze passers-by and spectators by levering the seemingly familiar. His actions shift the state of reality and the perception of the audience to a temporary state of limbo.

The score adopts an important role. It responds thematically to Lüber’s works. His playful way with words and language, the waves and rhythms of superimposed voices and sounds are adopted and pursued. They condense into a texture of music. The boundaries between the sound from the film-set and the musical soundtrack become blurred, similar to the boundaries of perception in Lüber’s works.


Music: Co-production of Idee und Klang Audio Design and the composers Mario Marchisella and Knut Jensen
Direction: Anna-Lydia Florin
Production: Freihändler


››› Category 'Best Soundtrack' at 27. Festival internazionale del film sull’Arte in Asolo