Deutsche Telekom - 2013

High-end ringtones

For the latest generation of fixed-line telephones, Idee und Klang Audio Design together with Corporate Sound AG have developed new types of ringtones at the highest tonal level. Contrary to previous ringtone concepts based on existing melodies and musical pieces or electronically generated tones, we have been breaking fresh ground. Various high-level musicians have recorded instrumental sounds, as for instance a drum roll upon a slowly tilting wine glass, or single strokes upon a wah-wah tube which was then edited with sound design tools. The results are sounds which are immensely musical and functional at the same time - sounds that attract a lot of attention without being intrusive.


Violin: Adam Taubitz,  Guitar: Jonas Windscheid, Adam Taubitz, Robert Torche, Percussion: Thomas Weiss  Vocals: Doris Ackermann, Sylvia