Radio SRF Virus - 2006

Sound Layout for a Radio Station

In the founding year (2000), Ramon De Marco (together with Lucius Müller) conceptualised the new studio layout and also developed the acoustic branding for Virus (today: SRF Virus), Swiss radio's youth channel.
In 2006 and 2007 Idee und Klang was commissioned to a further development of the layout. In doing so, we banked on progressive sound design and the application of various taglines in collage-like clips.
This layout successfully supports the youth station's fresh, swift and witty image.
In the course of the fusion of national Swiss television and Swiss radio involving a change of name (SRF Virus) in 2012, Idee und Klang have, in collaboration with Klanggestalter GmbH, developed station spanning News and Sport IDs which have been integrated in all of SRF’s radio chains.