Holistic Sound Scenography

Our way to immersive sound in the room

What is possible when you think sound from the beginning?
A new, comprehensive and immersive experience of sound in space. From 15 years of international experience in sound scenography, sound design, consulting and exhibition design, we have conceived and developed our own process: Holistic Sound Scenography.

This means to think about and design an exhibition from the perspective of sound scenography - i.e. the sound experience in space - from the very beginning until the final realization: Starting with the acoustic characteristics of the spaces and the basic concept for the sound, through the technical planning to the sound production and the final implementation in the space. The sound scenography functions as an interface between exhibition design, media planning, architecture and the museum itself.

This approach of Holistic Sound Scenography ensures that content-related and technical aspects are planned hand in hand and optimally coordinated. This prevents, for example, that the audio technology is determined before it is clear which role sound will play in the exhibition. This enables the targeted use of technology that is precisely matched to the desired effect of the sonic content in the room. Room-specific challenges are also identified and included right at the start of the project.

Our approach to Holistic Sound Scenography can be summarized in seven steps

1. preliminary concept: what should the exhibition achieve, what is the intention of the museum and what of this can be realized with sound?

2. acoustic concept: what acoustic conditions does the exhibition require and what does the building offer?

3. technical planning: how is the sound optimally projected into the room or reproduced by the media installations?

4. detailed concept: when, where, which sounds with which dramaturgy and interaction?

5. production: recording and composition of the noises, sounds and instruments.

6. pre-mixing studio: soundscapes and compositions are pre-mixed in the studio. Functional sounds are implemented in the software.

7. mixing on site: optimal adaptation of the studio production to the exhibition space.

The decisive factor for the development of a Holistic Sound Scenography concept was one of our most comprehensive consulting projects, the National Museum of Qatar in Doha, which opened in March 2019. The following short documentation explains the individual steps of Holistic Sound Scenography based on this project.