Atelier Idee und Klang Audio Design, Basel

Our work is - and was - to be heard in rooms around the globe. In the BMW Museum in Munich, the Museum of Future Government Services in Dubai, the WW1 Centenary Exhibition in the Melbourne Museum, the new National Museum of Qatar and the exhibition Sounds of Silence, Museum for Communication in Bern. She has been honoured with numerous awards, including the International Sound Award 2019, ADC Award Bronze, IF and Red Dot Award.

We advise and create sound design and immersive sound scenography for exhibitions, expos, art installations and brand facilities. We have developed our own concept from the last 15 years of international experience. We call it Holistic Sound Scenography.

For us, conscious and holistic sound design is an explicit extension of architecture and a decisive factor in the effect of space and narrative on people. We see conscious sound design as an extension of architecture and a decisive factor in the effect of space on people. Using hand-picked equipment, we turn rooms into instruments by incorporating their acoustic properties. Individual multi-channel compositions thus become impressive walk-in sound landscapes.

We have developed our own system for this purpose. It is called AROS and is the result of one of our numerous research projects. But other multi-channel formats are also part of our work and in 2016 we installed an Auro-11.1 system in our studio. This makes us one of the 150 Leading Studios of the World that can produce in Auro-3D format.